The UK’s top ten most popular YouTube video ads in 2011

YouTube has released a list of the UK’s top ten most popular YouTube video ads of the year. These are the ads which were uploaded to YouTube at some point in 2011 and achieved the biggest number of views from people in the UK. Ranked in order of UK popularity, they are:

1. T-Mobile - The T-Mobile Royal Wedding
2. Google Chrome - Google Chrome: Jamal Edwards
3. Asos - The ASOS Urban Tour in London- preview
4. VW- The Force: Volkswagen Commercial
5. Listerine - Listerine Mouth vs. Life
6. Kia - The New Kia Picanto
7. John Lewis - John Lewis Christmas Advert 2011
8. Twinings - Gets you back to you
9. Flora - Flora Cuisine Vernon & Gladys introduce new healthy way to cook
10. Nokia - Nokia N8 Pink - Freedom
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