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#UKsnow or not, Scotland's ponies are ready.
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The link is broken!!  Knitting cardigans for horses is not what the main population of Scotland wake up in the morning and think "Hey i'll Knit a cardy for a Horse!!"

Surely it's a minority group,

People is gonna think we are mental,

Who's ever heard of a Mental Scotsman? 

hehe , I'm sure the horses love them :)
+Amie Ackerley great idea......I onesy (wansy) for Shetland Ponies....there must be a market in it. I'll start working on it, stat :).
This is why you shouldn't buy used cardigans online no matter how good the price is.
Shave a sheep and keep a pony warm....
the ponies are very nice but the coats are nice
for people, the ponies don´t need to be desguised.
tow black and white pig but horses lol
my poor ponies- they are laughing at you both!!!! jajaj
cici 17
That's so funny and cute 
I don´t know if it is spring or winter over there, but luckyly for them it's not freezing
the ponies are cute the coats are not, jajaj
Arrr love there little coats.
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