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Google Currents has come to the UK! Now get all the fantastic content available on Currents plus read new content from outlets including +The Guardian +The Independent +London Evening Standard +Metro +ShortList Magazine +NME +Now Magazine, The Sun and +Mumsnet.

Google Currents brings you local trending stories, beautifully rendered for reading on tablets and phones.

Check out the blogpost to learn more about Google Currents and the latest updates. And get the app on Google Play today []!
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Will this app be available in the Apple Store anytime soon?
Very poor app

Why ignore Android design guidelines, makes it look awful & is very unintuitive to use?
Images are very low res and look dreadful on tablet
Lots of people on +Google Play seem to think it sucks... Also, it's not on the Apple app store yet... Good job, Google!
Where did the Android design patterns go?
Full screen, controls at the bottom, no action bar.
I got it in the app store...
I find it weird that another new service is launched by google, but not tied into google+ or google play... It seems like Google Current would have slotted nicely into G+ but as it is, I'm not likely to go to yet another site/app/source for the same info....
Well I never. Guess what just appeared in the apple app store!
Really cool but I've tried integrating it with my Google Reader subscriptions but it's not loading them all in... Any ideas?
Kris Green - I think you add your feed(s) then go to the settings tab (the cog) and hit 'sync'. A bit clumsy but that seemed to do the trick for me.
+Tim Chorlton Awesome! Thanks so much! A native Google Reader App would be cool, though - wonder if this is their compromise?
really liked the app, thanks for making it international
+Kris Green I'm not sure if it's on Android but I use Feedly. Works well on the iPhone and brilliantly with Chrome.
I agree also can be used with iPhone Touch, really good download
It uses the old spinner style from Android 2, rather than the new elements introduced in Android 4. Also doesn't appear to be hardware accelerated. Also, official Google apps really need to respect their own UI guidelines!
+Kris Green there is a native Google reader app ... which is why i dont understand this apps position. Isn't it just duplicating part of the functionality of reader. What's the point? Why not just enhance reader to incorporate this ?
+Stuart Brown I know what you are saying. I love Google Reader but it's not got all the 'web 2.0' shiny buttons and things that people love these days.

I started to use Feedly a while ago as it's a more pleasing experience than Google Reader. I agree with you though - I don't know why they didn't upgrade Reader. If I had to have a guess, it would be so they could include some national papers (Sun, Metro, Guardian etc) in the feed straight away. I'm sure that must be generating some revenue for them.

Also, to be fair, Currents is a lot easier to share into G+ with than Reader currently is - certainly from my mobile phone.
+Stuart Brown There's a native Google Reader App for Android, but nothing for iOS as yet... But I agree - don't see the point in Currents when they should capitalise on developing Reader for iOS...
Sorry +Kris Green don't know why but I assumed you were on android.

+Tim Chorlton I've tried feedly a few times but always come back to reader. Its nice to use but I always feel I'm missing articles because of its layout. It must be the OCD in me that can't handle it.
I agree +Stuart Brown . Feedly isn't perfect but it's pretty!

I thin Reader is what makes Google (usually) such a good application producer, it has a knack of scaling things down to the essentials.
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