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On January 29th, +Versus are debating live in London. The motion will be "The traditional nuclear family has had its day: gay parents, single parents, communes - anything goes!".

Check out the trailer below! You can also discuss the motion and vote on the issue at
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What exactly is the "Nuclear Family"? I don't have any Plutonium in my bloodstream.....and neither have my 2 children, results of a traditional 2 heterosexual parents, married, relationship. One day we will be in "the minority".........................
Traditional family. The basic unit in any society is under attack by people who prefers their own selfish way of "doing it"
Whats wrong with havi ng a little bit of everything-it makes it more spicy-if everbody did it the same way-we would b bored tootie fruity i say-+we have gone past just eating the apple-;+now u can have bannanas(this is suger coated fresh from the plucking) to hell with tradition go for it do it your way -after all your parents did
How could 2 gays propogate the species in such an event ? Discuss that one if you can !
Not everytime you go to bed do you want to make a baby-and when you do find a member of the opposite sex-its simple -its biology-and most people have only 2 kids in western society -so its only twice that you use your reproductive system-the rest of the time for pleasure so you may as well do it with someone you like most of the time 
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