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We’ve heard from many of you with basic feature phones that you’d like to do more with Google+, so we’re rolling out a couple of updates that we hope you’ll enjoy!
New photos experience: Easily browse and comment on photos from your circles, albums and more. Sign up for Google+ on your phone: And for those of you who haven’t signed up for Google+ yet, we’ve made it easy for you to sign-up directly from your mobile device.

As always, try out these new features by visiting on your mobile browser. We’re eager to hear your feedback, so please let us know what you think!

Release notes:
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It all works for me (Google Nexus phone). I would really like to take a photo while in an album and have it added.
Good updates from u. Thank you G+
You give the sharing option for mobile.........
The native mobile app should allow users to initiate a hangout as well as joining hangouts which it currently supports

+1 if you agree
We meed an app for Nokia etc. Phones. Facebook has one
I know we're largely talking about mobile browser rather than mobile app, but the iphone app needs some loving too! Whilst I can +1 a comment (hold down on it until +1 appears) I'd love to be able to edit posts and comments from the app as well as view who has +1'd a comment/post
En la lista de países falta "Guatemala" Agréguenlo por favor
+Miles R. Young i have the same version.... That's weird though. i can +1 individual comments by long pressing on your posts and i can do the same for the post by hitting +1 at the top....
is it me or is it a late april fool? i always get redirected to, never get to see the new theme as shown here.
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