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Live now from the 34th floor of the 34th floor of the BT tower +Rizzle Kicks !!

And if you missed it don't worry - the gig is re-broadcast at 9pm and 10pm GMT!

BT Infinity Presents - Rizzle Kicks - Live from the 34th Floor on 20th, Nov:
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Not available in your country. I live in the uk 
34th floor of the 34th floor. Awesome. How high is that exactly?
Live now meaning 20th November or 10th December or live now (unavailable)?
Dan Lee
I'd rather have herpes.
We are BT.  These are Rizzle kicks....We love anything that might get you to say our name in a sentence where we are not the bad men

Got to love dem marketing men $$$ to the Mr rizzle and Mr kicks...
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