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We're having a great time watching the Closing Ceremony and seeing what everyone in +London 2012's Google+ event is saying about their #OlympicMemories  and seeing some of the pictures from inside the stadium.
Join in the event and share your experiences wherever you're enjoying the show! 
It’s been an unforgettable couple of weeks…the London 2012 Olympic Games will leave us with so many incredible memories.

So now we need your help. It’all the fans who help make the Games what is is, and we want to collect your #OlympicMemories – the memories that best define what London 2012 meant to the fans. 

Whether you enjoyed the Games in person here in London, you watched with friends somewhere else in the world, or you were inspired to go out and emulate your Olympic heroes, we want to see your memories of London 2012.

So from Sunday morning until the end of the Closing Ceremony we want you to submit your memories to our #OlympicMemories Google+ event to help us capture the greatest 2,012 moments of London 2012.  A memory can be a comment, a picture of simply a +1.

Click the grey 'Going?' button above and say 'Yes', and then from 11am on Sunday you can start submitting your #OlympicMemories. And as with the Opening Ceremony, we want you to add your experiences of the Closing Ceremony, as it happens.
#OlympicMemories & Closing Ceremony
Sun, August 12, 2012, 6:00 AM

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+Dean Burley Totally agree. The "pixels" in the crowd are amazing, although I can't look at it without seeing the Dow Chemicals skirt on the outside and thinking about the people of Bhopal.

It might be just a personal thing to me, it just takes the shine off it.
the Olympics were great! Also, the closing ceremony. I watched it last night1 My family enjoyed it...I wish I wish there live instead of television watching?!?!
I thought that the ED SHEARAN part was the best because I like ED SHEARAN and my uncle came from the cayman islands on saturday and he watched it with me also he taught me to play golf in 1 night and he got drunk and ate lots of crisps and sweets and we watched the golf.
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