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Happy 150th Birthday London Underground!

On January 9, 1863 the first section of the London Underground opened, between Farringdon and Paddington. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Tube have designed a special   #GoogleDoodle  

You can find more articles and posts on the history of London's "hidden treasure" at +The Guardian #LondonUnderground  
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Oh yes dat Jamaican announcer at Oldsteet station <3
Sam H
Farrindon has only just been upgraded
Wicked! Oh, and thanks for my Birthday doodle, by the way! ;)
Wow it's 150 years old, i did not know that!
Really?? We are actually going to celebrate being ripped off.
Englisj to urdu dictonary
+Yoshi EA how are you being ripped off? I wish my city (Los Angeles) had something that even remotely worked like the Underground. Driving everywhere in LA sucks, but I am curious why you think you're being ripped off.
The only way to travel below ground in London's fair city!
the mab in bad resulition sbechealy the key??
all coolers in undergrawend lines??

Now 'that' is what I call a cynical comment lol!
Is a joyful tin 2 see london celebrating 150birthday
Who was it who invented London underground maps?
.... and it is almost finished!
one of the beauties of london which is good till it works :D
+Omar Gonzalez lets put it this way, the grass is always greener on the other side. the fares go up every year yet the wage structure remains the same, it will soon spiral out of control and the price of living will become insane. lest we mention the constant delays, strikes and service failures, like most londoners im willing to brush those things under the rug if the price is reasonable.
It was Harry beck who invented the London underground map's .He was a electrician by trade as you can tell by his maps coped the world over.
I thought it was a flowchart of the US government.
No a flowchart of US government would be a pyramid.
And nothing has been done to it since ...
But, d most wondrous invention n the whole world s GOD's creation.... No one is above on that..
You guys missed out the Gold Line, a secret line used only by the richest of the rich to elegantly navigate their way across our grand city. The Gold Line includes extra services such as live orchestra, two butlers per person, high tea and top hats. Obviously the entire thing is made from solid gold.
Ryan Ng
But only the Circle Line is this old... the rest of the Underground was built afterwards. That's what everyone doesn't get.
Peter Mancini - is subsidy excluded from the analysis?
(your remark "London Metro makes more from map sales than from travel fees collected".)
150 years and still feels like back then, what improvement? Lol what a joke. 
it must have been a bloody good system back then !!
هههههههههههههه وت
I have to agree with you, it feels like back then, we should be having flying trains by now; but, I still enjoy riding the tube.
  Just like a living entity it will never stop growing and shedding dead cells, so new ones can replace them long live the TUBE!
Long time of quality service. Praying one of this days, to riding in the tube.
+Yoshi EA +Omar Gonzalez     Yoshi, You're one spoilt little fella. The Underground is by far one of the best in the world. Yes, there are strikes and delays and stuff. Nothing and nobody is perfect. I dare you to find a public transportation that's cheaper with less delays. I'll give you a hint: you can skip Belgium in your search.
Prices going up and wages not following along is a government issue and goes for every product and service on the market. You don't call that a rip off, that's just a textbook example of how not to run a country/European Union. Next time, use a dictionary before using words you don't understand in full.
stubit face
To truly appreciate its value, you got to live in suburbs of cities like Toronto.  All who are spoiled by London Underground and now live here in Canada, begin their day with a wish of having transit like L/U.
Bryce C
NYC's subway is 109 years old. The elevated portion is 145 years old. 
And the Northern Line is still all original !!!! 
+Sabine Van Beek In your paragraph you have reaffirmed my every reason for not being happy with the tfl, and even taught me Belgium was better. Yet you still believe I shouldn't be unhappy. I'll level with you I'm not looking for a better service, I just want to see some balance. Also if we are solely going with service, I thought Japan's transport system was pretty awesome.
Ryan Ng
The only thing good about the Tube is the Jubilee line...
and maybe the Victoria, Northern, Central and Picadilly lines
Hi i am sanjib i am fine you are fine

Really? Happy b'day the London Underground! Used to use it alot when I was in the UK in the 80's and I was very impressed! Truely a wonderful public transport system,well done Long Live London!:-D Thanks heaps!
+Sabine Van Beek I think a single train to Amsterdam from Schipol is cheaper (€3.80 single €6.40 return) but I can't remember how much a travel card was there - a bit more expensive than the Oyster cap in London.  No delays the times I've been though.
Think Google.....
rode it several times not as jiggly as ny subway.
+Yoshi EA +Sabine Van Beek The points you're making Yoshi are basically bad management problems. Wages and fare will change but the great benefits of having such a great public transport system are something to be grateful for. I suppose not living in an area where you don't have such luxuries would blind you to such perspectives. I found the pricing to be acceptable, but I can't speak to the wages. But I would greatly appreciate such a service if we were to ever get one in a city like Los Angeles.
Use to live in the "smoke" back in the eightys and the underground (or tube) was one of the things i loved about London. Yep it is overcrowded and dirty and can be scary at night in a deserted station with only a man talking to the ceiling for company but there is a real buzz to it. When i was there the greater london council introduced the infamous 50pence fare anywhere. It is far more expensive now but if u need to get anywhere it is the only true way to travel in London. I go back to London for business occassionally for business and still enjoy the experience. It is unique and for me if it was pristine and sterile it would never be the real underground. Enjoy it Londoners
Yeah 150 years old and still fucking crap!!! plus they are fucking expensive. People stop use them!!! They are expensive and they so nothing!!!
They change few trains and so what?!?!? Thank god I don't have too use them and I don't have too put money to they's pocked!!!!!
They thing if they allow you use tube for free on NYE is amazing! Is fucking bulishit!!!!
How about maybe make cheap tickets not putting prices higher every year! How about keep underground nice clean not smelly. When you are waking in you feel like you wanna vomit!!!!

Wow Adrian, I'm glad you love Underground Rap!???!
Sad to here about the Underground trax though :-/
Adrian, you're nuts. I'd love to have something as awesome as the Underground here in Chicago.
+Adrian Adamczyk You should visit Los Angeles, don't rent a car, and try to go anywhere without driving. Then you'd understand the Tube's value.
I would love to visit London UK. 
Ryan Ng
Mind the gap- oh wait, there isn't one because London has platform doors
I wish Happy New Year to all commuters of London Underground and special wishes to the announcer from Stockwell that every morning puts smile onto my face :)
i live in Arizona but i know the undergrounds of the UK more than the streets of my city>
What n engineering sir ji
No one is more than what God has made..., peace b with you all...
i never knew there was 12 different lines!
Ryan Ng
+harry baker Have you ever been in London? The Overground isn't a Tube line, it's the commuter rail system.
no becuse i am in al riyadh and i dont know any where in it
wonderful design!!! Happy Birthday London Underground!!!
it is remarkable that we could come up with the London underground
but the main thing is what if never built the London underground would London be more better or worse

but happy b day to the London underground
ive never heard of the bakerloo line before
ok i open it every day stop it now you stupid
you are write kristina haddad stupid all
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