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Take look at how Google Slovakia marked a special birthday on yesterday. For more #GoogleDoodles  check out
Today in Slovakia, our doodle celebrates the 325th birthday of Juraj Jánošík, a "highwayman" who, according to legend, robbed the rich to give to the poor. Like similar legends, he has a recognizable appearance and style: long, dark braids, a belt with multiple buckles, a unique hat and a valaška axe. 
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In england its robin hood australia-ned kelly-or probably would have been if he had lived long enough-they hanged him at25-while robin married maid marian and lived happly ever after-why carnt i met a hero-and carry me away in his porche and shower me ind
Diamonds -all i get is fish and chips
Here in Portugal we have Zé dos Telhados, a former military, knight of the Military Order of the Tower and Sword (Ordem Militar da Torre e Espada, the greatest honor given to the military to congratulate exceptional merits in the command of campaining troops or to reward acts of extreme heroism in battle), and famous robber of the Marão mountain area, lived in the XIX century. After being caught he was banished from Continental Portugal, then sent to one of the African colonies (Angola) and died at the age of 57, being known around there as "kimuezo" (man of the long beards).
that's nice-google how come you haven't done a thing for jane austen ? 28th of jan mon
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