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Spring has sprung.

Today on we're welcoming the spring equinox with an animated #GoogleDoodle  showing flowers blossoming after a long winter.

Read more about the #Doodle  and the meaning of the equinox with this article from +The Independent: 

Celebrate the start of a new season your own way by share your photographs and blog posts using the #Spring  hashtag.

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should i show you the pic out my window? my husband thinks the doodle is hilarious given the current weather conditions in stockholm!
It's about time. Any longer, we'd have to move back our calendar lol
Spring has not sprung in the Chi! 
That's cool flowers! :-)
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The calendar may say spring, but I would be impressed if Google could actually send some spring weather.  lol
This was a beautiful Doodle. Hope it ushers in beautifu l weather .
Nice.. loved the sign of man's head growing flowers...shows a lot
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