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If you love your +Gmail, here's your opportunity to tell it to the team behind it for #valentinesday in a poetic way.
Want to show Gmail some love for Valentine's Day? Compose a love letter or poem to your favorite Gmail feature and send it our way by emailing it to On Valentine's Day, we'll showcase the most heartfelt and creative entries, so only send letters and poems that you don’t mind being shared. The names of the showcased authors will be published, but their email addresses will not. Remember: have fun, be creative, and be cool about it - nothing offensive and nothing illegal. #ilovegmail
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Sort out a G+ app for the windows 8 phone PLEASE
lol, Ive got Galaxy S3, Note 2, Blackberry Z10 and Lumia 920, the 920 takes better pictures and videos than the others, just would like to upload to G+ instead of using bluetooth to computer ;) but am a Android Fan so no worries
Now just to implement this for SMS and the human mouth!
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