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Watch live as +Channel 4 News holds a Hangout from their newsroom in London. If you missed the live showing, then you can always watch it back in your own time.

More information on the debate and who is joining them can be seen on their website:
Channel 4 News is hanging out with 5 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! #hangoutsonairSarah Smith, Sarah Savage, Paris Lees, Gary Ennis, and Sally Hines
Transsexual people and the online 'age of outrage' - debate
Channel 4 News and 5 others participated
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Some confusion about social media here.

Not particularly agreeing with the sentiments. For example 140 chars is plenty for informed discussions - you are allowed more than one tweet in a conversation, plus it encourages you to think and speak concisely each time. 

Also, the quote about wearing your tweets on your T-shirt for the rest of your life suggests that the guru is more of a marketing, "write-only" type of person. Social media is two-way, not broadcast.
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