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+Telegraph Fantasy Football have set up a league just for their Google+ followers.
Anyone got any good tips on who to pick?
Get the most out of Euro 2012 by picking a Telegraph Fantasy Football team. There is more than £25,000 to be won, including a first prize of £15,000.

It costs £5 to play but, as a Google+ follower, you can take advantage of our exclusive 2 teams for the price of 1 offer by entering the promotional code google241 on the select offer page - but hurry, this offer expires at midnight on Thursday, May 31.

Plus, enter your team into the Google League and you will also be playing for a Chromebook (1st prize) and Samsung Galaxy Nexus (runner-up prize). To join, enter your team at and then enter the details below on the My Leagues page to join the Google+ League:

League name: Google League
PIN: 8000888

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I would say Lewandowski. Good striker in a reasonably easy group. Contender for golden boat maybe? Also Ozil, simply because he is awesome.
I might be doing something dull, but I'm having trouble joining the Google plus league. I've tried all lower case, with and without spaces and I keep getting a warning saying league name not recognised??
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