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On a street near Oxford, England...... #streetview   
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Joe Ford
Loan sharks... they'll take your house if you let them in.
"Think we're gonna need a bigger boat"
you might not want to live in that house
incredible,water see in sky maybe,sark come in to your house?
It became much more interesting to me recently when I discovered it is an #ingress  portal. I spent a very cold 15 minutes hanging about outside to hack it 4 times.
just dropped in for biscuits and tea 
It's definitely there, been there for at least 15 years. Pre-photoshop!
because you can not see a flying shark can u
what actually happened ,boop op a doop
+Vignesh Viswanath yeah so a huge tsunami came over the street, but not a single person noticed and a shark got stuck in someones roof.
FFS don't tell the Chinese. It'll be finned before too long.
Colin R
Thats been there for quite a few years.
It certainly has. It's in Headington in Oxford. House was owned by the guy who started The Penultimate Picture Palace and Not The Moulin Rouge (just up the road from this) cinemas. I remember them well from my student days, used to live just round the corner from them. Ahhhh - a trip down memory lane.
Is this real?? And I don't mean a real shark...
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