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It's snowing in parts of the UK this afternoon, and weather forecasters say more is on the way. Why not upload your own pictures of snowy conditions where you live using the hashtag #UKsnow .  This one from +Google Local London shows a thin layer covering the Houses of Parliament.
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It's just started snowing again
Nice pic. On my way in to London for afternoon tea at the Savoy as a wedding anniversary gift for my wife. I'll try and snap some with the awesome Nexus 4 if there is any snow leff! 
que hermoso es, tan magestuoso es bello, bello, me dan ganas de estar ahi.
I love London! It's the best city of the world! <3
Wonderful pic! :)
Looks colder than Scotland for a change
Leave the snowed London and tell us when Nexus 4 which we ordered one month ago + will come to our hands... Reports are saying that UK play store is out of stock and the next batch may come in a month. Enough with this bs give the phones we paid for.
South West seems clear, can't say I'm wanting to welcome the sludge this year.
I hope that snowing a lot for me don't go to work tomorrow \o/
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