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Our friends at +Google Australia have unveiled a special #GoogleDoodle  today celebrating the life and work of Australian author and illustrator May Gibbs. 

May was born in Kent, England on January 17th 1877 and died in 1969 in Sydney, Australia. 

You can find more Doodle's here:
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i think this pic is very gud, i wuld put it on my wall anywy. well done who ever did this pic.
Hi +debbie ashdown thanks for your comment. It was designed by Googler +Jennifer Hom.

Here's a bit more about Jennifer, taken from the original +Google Australia post... Jennifer grew up in suburban Long Island, New York, where she spent her days drawing magical flying unicorns and fairy princesses. After receiving her bachelors of fine arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design, she started doodling for Google.  Since 2009, she's celebrated the birthday of Freddie Mercury, Jules Verne, Mark Twain, Lucille Ball, and Little Nemo (to name a few). 
Australian author and illustrator May Gibbs. May was born in Kent, England on January 17th 1877
This would make her BRITISH by birth, no?
Every Australian knows (or should know) who May Gibbs is. Her stories are classic children's tales, and it is amazing how her Banksia men still scare us as adults. 
Although she was born in the UK, she had moved out to Australia by the age of four or five. 
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