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Today we launched our new Google+ ad in the UK. This is a beautiful, real story about how the Instant Upload feature of the Google+ app helped a father find lost pictures of his baby boy...enjoy!
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I make sure the wifi instant upload is on when I get home. This way my battery is in safe hand too....but amazing product, which I used to use!
Now sync it with Dropbox... with Dropbox pro
I'm a bit sad that G+ doesn't instant upload my 3D photos from my Evo3D though...
Leave the Cloud alone as people that are in heaven need the space in cloud...
Are they looking after our files too that are stored in GDrive/SkyDrive/Minus/Dropbox/ +Moin Ahmed
Nice advert, look forward to seeing it in between the Coronation Street break!
The cloud is get pretty congested at this rate
One question I have about the instant upload. I use Android and as far as I know G+ uploads the photos in the background.

When I enabled instant upload on my wifes iPhone 3GS, it told me it would upload them whilst the G+ app was open? Is that the case. She rarely uses the app and I just want her photos to be uploaded.
+Mike Dent Thats not the case usually on phone that can handle mulitple apps. Since iphone 3Gs cannot do that, It will NOT upload instantly at the background. So yes the app needs to be open in order for that to happen
+Mike Dent that could be a limitation in iOS - I think there are lots of things that can't be done in the background because iOS don't allow it...
+Mike McLoughlin great that you have seen it before! We launched this in America a while ago, but have made a new UK version, with our new user interface. I hope you like it.
Probably new to the UK +Mike McLoughlin ? I haven't seen it on the TV (but then I don't watch much) and I have seen this a month or so ago posted here
Love it and like many others have still yet to see it on TV although my exposure to the old goggle box is very limited these days.... sign of the times...
I could tell it was a really good ad, but I had a hard time understanding him.....
One of the best features of G+ and Dropbox alike is that things like this are backed up... I just changed phones and didn't have to worry about copying anything off it as it was all saved on those services.
I thought I liked the US edition, but this is so much better! I wife didn't skip this advertisement on the US edition because she liked it so much! Way to go Google!
Had an android phone for months and only just started playing with Google+ yesterday. Can't believe I could've automatically backed up every photo I've taken.

Like the guy in the advert, I've also recently had a wee one and went mental with the camera. Every week, I've been backing up to the PC, wife's laptop and the PS3. So much time wasted :'(
Dammit, that totally made me weepy. And yes, this is an awesome feature and has been one of my favorite things about G+ since day one.
You Dont need photos to remember you Child/Children! A true Mother and Father would only keep the memory of there Child/Children in there heart, and only take photos of a day out or Holidays!
+Connor Lyness Hmmm...going to have to disagree with you on that one.  Tell me the first funny thing all of your children done in the first week of their lives...
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