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Sony devices are getting OTA update v.2.1.1 for your #GoogleTV right now and will be completed in the next couple of days.  Enhancements include:

 - Watch movies rented through Google Play
 - on YouTube

Stay tuned for news on updates for Logitech Revues.
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I already gave up on the Logitech. It's catching dust under my TV. That would be great news indeed.
hey for the Google Tv Fans & Developers, Witch is what you think the Best Combo or Tv to get the best experience with google tv? Sony Tv 60hz with google intigration? or an actual Lcd? or led? 120hz Tv with a you choose (sony? or logitech?) Media Device? Please Comment! Really Needed. Thanks Guys & Girls
I really like what GoogleTV wants to be, but Flash crashes too much. (I have the Sony)
Neil Lund
It would be great if you guys would skip anymore honeycomb updates and go right to ICS. What to many bugs in honeycomb and closed source makes it a locked down, no fun, grandpa slow feeling, limited, app crashing, outdated experience. I use my Revue everyday and appreciate what it can do, but it feels like a G1 trying to run Android 4.x most of the time. Chrome has never worked right.
Nate F
^ That plus better app compatibility. 
+Nate Fox We (developers) need the NDK for that. That won't happen with the old boxes. The new ARM based boxes should have it. It would be a massive missed opportunity if they shipped without it.
<Fingers crossed for Logitech Revues updates>
Hoping the Logitech Revue will get some love soon. Still waiting for the last update.
I can't wait to get the update - I by sony devices they also count sony tvs that run google tv. I assume they do.
Use by two Revues everyday. Didn't think they would get any more updates. Thanks.
+Alexander Gee What do you think would be the best combo to get the best out of google tv at this moment as a Developer? please reply, thanks
Just got the update ota on my Sony Google TV woohoo
Im so unhappy with my revue. Its very locked down. But i also love it for what it is and what is was supposed to be. Patiently waiting 3.2 revue update. Hoping it will come sooner than later. Also waiting for root!
YAY, I love my Logitech Revue and actually have two.  Nothing better than controlling the tv, dvr/cable box through my smartphone!
Completely let down about the lack of Revue updates. 
Watch movies rented through Google Play

Can someone explain how this will work?  Do you rent the movie through the Play store and then view it through Chrome at  Or is there a "Videos" app where the rentals will show up like on Android phones & tablets?
Definitely am looking forward to a Revue update. Love the Revue, but it needs HLS streaming so that Plex can serve me transcoded DTS audio streams on the fly.
+Jake Siemer Logitech support reportedly had the following to say about the Revue update:

 there is an update available starting from June 4th (5% of the revues will received it) June 5th (25%) June 6th (50%) to June 7th (100%)
So google better get off their butts already and take back some control of these least with things like the revue...where we almost never get updates. when you have apps like netflix that are so problematic, and even youtube app not working reliably all the time, and we're not seeing those issues quickly addressed, they're going to lose this sector and possibly many loyal users.
my feelings about the revue are still mixed...while i like it, and love the concept, I'm still finding that the unfixed bugs mean I don't use it as much as I want.
and my biggest hope and fear for google, is MS is stepping up with the xbox and maknig it more of an entertainment device rather than a gaming unit. my use of this is interesting cause I have the xbox going through the gtv, so I switch between them often. they've now added amazon vod app, which we use a lot, and had previously had to use the amz website on the revue to watch, but that's not been all that ideal. there should be an app, and MS has done it before gtv and give me ability to view HD from amz where the web site via the revue didn't.. I use netflix more on the xbox cause of reliablitiy, though I still use youtube app on my revue more, despite the bugs, cause I klike it better. the search is nice on the gtv, but the bing search onthe xbox is starting to add more sources that it'll search, and looks like in fall they'll add android remote capabilities and a web browser.
if google tv doesn't step up soon, and really turn this device into what it needs to be and make it stable, I'm not gonna have much reason to switch back to the gtv at all, and it'll become a glorifited universal remote.
would be a sad end to a great concept
^ Same question. There are many ways to purchase movies and such, but it isn't always easy to figure out how to play them on GoogleTV.
+Michael Evans Logitech support confirmed it in their forums -

The info about what percentage of devices will be updated on each day came from a support ticket that a user then relayed in the thread.
+Michael Black so that's been one of the failures of the gtv...they put out their movies store, which I actually rented some movies during some promos they did when it was introduced, and there was no built in way on the gtv to watch the movies, at least not that I ever found in their movie or youtube had to go to the browser, and go to the regular youtube website to see and watch the movies purchased. what's worse, in january, for some odd reason, google broke even that capabilities, while I still had some movies left to watch. I had to actually go and change the browser ID to generic so that it would let me watch the remaining movies on my gtv. after I knocked those few out, it was the last time I've rented a movie from google.
Open the revue bootloader. #occupylogitech
When is Google going to release GTV for development and installation on home brew boxes? MS has Windows Media Center. There's also XBMC and host of other home entertainment controllers. I would love to be able to integrate GTV into my HTPC.
I have the same question as you, +Jason Mull , the post says " on YouTube" which seems to imply its through the YouTube app. At least, I'm hoping it means through a native app. Having to watch movies through the browser is a poor mans experience, fumbling on the track pad and scrolling the page down etc). If I can watch Netflix movies in a native app, I should be able to do the same for Google movies right? 
Definitely a great start for us current owners. Hopefully this keeps up! I'm not entirely sure Logitech and Sony understand that supporting their devices beyond out of the gate will engender future customer loyalty. So far, they've proven themselves a risky buy-in with this GoogleTV stuff.
Hope the wait for the Revue update is not a long one.
Ability to play blocked Flash content on ABC News!
I really just want an open source version of Android on my GTV. I can understand why they don't upgrade to 4.x to appease certain media peeps, but it is holding back a mass amount of innovation guys.
+Neil Lund why do you think they're (Google?) are holding back an upgrade to 4.x to appease certain (who?) media people? I agree though, an upgrade to 4.x would be very welcome :-)
They could have easily started off with a TV skin on top of Gingerbread and bumped up to ICS. They didn't need to use Honeycomb at all. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
My recollection is that the Honeycomb roll out for GTV was around beginning of November, and the Galaxy Nexus, the first ICS device only shipped middle of November. I'd guess that the android team would have been fully focused on the ICS launch for phones which are using arm chips. Google TV represents an additional challenge as the GTV team have to get ICS running of the Intel hardware, and then they have to update/test the Google TV software that runs on top of android. I'd love to see GTV get updated to ICS... maybe the team is working on it right now but my gut feeling is that I don't see it happening since all the new GTV devices are arm devices.... we'll still probably get updates via the market though, improvements to TV+Movies, Music etc etc hopefully.
Please take control of the Logitech Revue and handle the updates for it. A very large percentage of Google TV owners, who were early adopters, are getting screwed out of updates because of Logitech. Early adopters should be the ones preaching to others about their experience with a piece of software or hardware. As someone whose only experience with Android has been this half-baked product, it's reassured my purchases of other home entertainment products.
That's the problem, there's no Nexus Google TV device, we're stuck with locked bootloaders from OEMs. If a nexus gtv was offered on the play store I'd buy it in a second, are you listening google? ;)
I'd just be happy with the source to be able to compile it for our own boxes.
I don't blame +googletv for poor revue support but I do think there is more they could do to take over the updates themselves. As for +Logitech, I will never buy another product from them. Microsoft makes a damn fine mouse.
I agree +Michael Davidson I'd like to see Google TV team take on the updates... Logitech might win back a little goodwill from their users if they did this (assuming its something Google would support).... I think ditching Google TV at this stage was a really bad move for them... its been a painful journey as a GTV owner but there are some positive signs on the horizon I feel.
The only thing I don't like is that Hulu plus doesn't work, but there is a Hulu+ app for android.
I gave up on Hulu right after the Android app finally came out. Not enough content that I wanted to see.
No the play store won't let me install it to my GTV, it works on my android phone but not my android tv.  The crazy part is Sony Bravia TVs have a hulu app built in.
Just got home and there is no GTV update for my Sony blueray yet
Both my devices haven't been blessed with the update yet. Guess I'm in tomorrows wave.
Yeah same here, I checked and no update yet still shows firmware version 3.2
I just tried to force an update using the trick of clearing the google service framework app data. I got an update to version 2012052001 - but no sign of play movies and YouTube rentals still don't work. Is this the latest version or some version from may I just somehow missed?
+Google TV Developers  I got the update but I'm not seeing where Google Movies and YouTube Movies are supposed to be played at. Am I missing something? YouTube Movies aren't in the YouTube App as far as I can see and there isn't a movies section in the "Play Store". In fact, not a whole lot in there at all.

I have to say that my overall GTV experience has been luke warm. Sometimes scrolling works, sometimes it doesn't and you have use arrow keys. There's no continuity in that, even within the same app!!!
+James Symmonds u have to go to to see YouTube movies but Google play movies I believe u can go to Google play store on browser and selected ur video u purchased and it should take u to the video player.
+Jonathan Gerrish well when u play Google movies u know the player they use is YouTube so Google TV update give u support to welcome Google movies and YouTube video. The update doesn't come with play movies app.
Yeah, no apps, just browser. Not really all that convenient if you ask me. Not something I'd crow about in an update.
+James Symmonds agreed! It's pretty bad that I can watch Netflix in a half decent app, but not Google movies. Scrolling around awkwardly in the browser to select/play/pause a movie is a poor experience.
It actually doesn't even work in the browser at - I tried to watch a movie I rented and it said "Your browser is not supported" - there was a link to a page listing supported browsers that said chromebooks and GoogleTV devices were not supported.

Additionally, for movies in the "TV & Movies App", neither Google Play or Youtube show up as rental options for movies that are in those stores.
Yeah, I noticed that. I was temporarily just a wee bit happy to see movies in there but disappointment came rushing in when I hit "rent" and only the Amazon option came up.
I don't see where there has been an addition/update to the functionality.
Also, when if I browse, open a movie, I get the choice to open it with either Chrome or You Tube app... if I select You Tube app, it opens You Tube and then redirects back to Chrome I think. Weird.
I just tried to watch the rental from Google Play My Movies section and it fails there too. "Sorry, this video can not be played on this system."
Has anyone been able to rent and watch a movie from Google Play / with this update? If so, can you post your build number (settings->about). 
Does anybody know if this fixes the epic shockwave crash in chrome?   Cause it'd be sweet if my Sony NSZ-GT1 didn't choke on flash video every five seconds.
Well both my Revues haven't received the OTA update yet.....
got update last night. still i could not watch the following youtube video.
+Google TV Developers Can you clarify the original message? Movie rentals definitely don't seem to be working in this weeks update (Battle Royale, My Week with Marilyn and The Vow (ya I am ashamed...) all led to errors about device not being supported). Is this still coming? Let me know if you need more info.
My youtube app update yesterday. I checked it out and it now has a rentals section. And my rentals play!! This may have been there all along, and I just didn't see it, not sure. 

Now, if youtube/play showed up as an option in the TV+Movies app, and if we could rent movies from the play store, we'd really be rolling....
For anyone who's wondering, post-update, shockwave still crashes like crazy in chrome.  Amazon VOD is unwatchable.  Thanks for nothing, google.   LG was right on just going with straight up Android ICS for their TVs.  GTV is garbage.
When will the Logitech Revue get the update? 
+Jonathan Gerrish that blows.  GTV is a neglected and under-developed platform.  All I want is a competent ICS or JB set-top box to come out and I'll goddamn buy it.  
Help I have Sony gtv with android 2.1? chrome crashing and can't update need over the anything update
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