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Over the past few months Google TV has gathered momentum by launching powerful features for our users such as the highest quality voice search of any TV product and strong manufacturer adoption of the platform. At Google I/O, it’s time to talk about developers and enabling them to bring more great experiences to TV.

Today, Google TV is moving to the latest version of Android (Jelly Bean, 4.2.2), and we’ve refactored Google TV so that our TV OEM partners can update to future versions of Android in a matter of weeks rather than months. For developers, this means you can build TV experiences using the latest Android APIs, including the NDK. 

Today Google TV is also moving to the latest version of Chrome, and from now on Google TV benefits from Chrome updates on the same six week cycle that you’ve come to expect from Chrome. In Chrome on Google TV, we’ve added support for hardware-based content protection, enabling developers to provide premium TV content in HD within their web apps. 

Google TV-powered devices in market will start to receive updates in the coming months, and we expect to see new devices launched later this year.  If you are attending Google IO, please check out the “Android: As seen on TV!” session and stop by the Google TV Developer Sandbox area.
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Joe P.
I doubt the Logitech Revue will see this update.
But I don't wanna update my chrome on TV! I like having the Flash support. While buggy, at least it works, allowing me to see more video content.
As a dev....this is welcome news.  Now any apps we develop will be on par with each other across platforms and devices.  :)

Though I'm still convinced that when it comes to Google TV, the second screen experience will still be the best option for most devs.  :)
Nate F
Please tell me Flash is going to still work. That's the most important thing I need from mine.
Good, from some sneakpeaks I expect only ICS. JB is nice suprice! This will fix many problems from Honeycomb:)
+Nate Fox Ummm....why?  Make the move to HTML5 or javascript.  Flash is dead my friend.
Nate F
Or tell every site I use to stream video to do that which they don't/won't. If it's taken away, I have to use my tablet so might as well throw my GTV away. 
I wonder if this includes the Sony TV that has Google TV built in
+Nate Fox Just because some sites or you don't want to update things to current standards?  Just because of flash?  Really?  If those sites aren't using new tech or planning to...then why bother with them?
Nate F
Because they're the only sites that offer the content I want to watch and they are Flash only. Why make a case why I want an existing feature to remain? The stock browser would work too but GTV never had it
+Robert Stern You'd think that it would since Sony is one of the manufacturers that have stuck with Google TV.  I'd venture to guess that devices a year old or newer would be good to go.
+Kahil Nettleton Yes, you would think, but the 1st-Gen Sony Internet TV launched in 2010...

Although I own this unit and would love to see 4.2 on it, I think it's reached it's end-of-life. The post states that Google TV devices "in the market" would likely receive the updates. This device has been out of the market for years now.
+Nate Fox Well first...Flash is dead...if those sites aren't keeping up, they won't last since newer devices likely won't play it.  Next, Flash is a separate install and always has been.  If you have the APK then you can side load and install.  Finally, regardless of content, they should be keeping up with standards.  Should be putting the pressure on them to update things rather than taking it out on Google TV, which has nothing to do with content or Flash.
Nate F
No. I'm not going to abscond myself from a site because they use Flash. Chrome on GTV now supports Flash and I wanted to know if it would remain. 

The last person to declare Flash was dead was Steve Jobs and... he's died first. 
+Nate Fox dude...Adobe announced it as dead, hence them no longer releasing it or updating it.  Been that way for a long time now.  They are going to HTML5 as well.  Come on...catch up.  Chrome on JB plays flash.
Nate F
So then a "yes"
Only site I visit that still depends on Flash is ESPN360, but now they should be able to provide a native app if they want.
When will we know what devices get Jelly Bean?
Will the Logitech Revue be updated as well ? 
+Jose Ricaurte  as soon as the manufacturers have one prolly within weeks or the next couple months.  Remember, this is a new ROM which will take them a little time....that is if Google didn't help them out by giving them what they need sooner.

+Patrick Bertsch Negative
I hear a lot of Flash is dead talk but there are a lot of things HTML5 can't do yet that Flash can. I'm pretty sure we'll be having the same Flash is dead conversation in 2018 wile we are waiting for HTML5 to catch up. Streaming video is just one thing that Flash does.
Wow..... I ditched my Google TV over a year ago tired of waiting for an update like this. Been happily using my Nexus Q - don't laugh  ;-), limited as it is (just missing Netflix support)... I'd love to see Google TV support the Nexus Q functionality provided in Google Play Music + Movies + YouTube Android Apps... can't be that hard now right? Oh... and when will we be seeing the first updated devices? Might just have to get a Google TV again :-)
+Kahil Nettleton I didn't say that it couldn't. Maybe I wasn't clear in 1st my post. I was pointing out that Flash is more than just Video streaming/playback.
How about Google Play Services, will they finally be available?
+Guy Alston
Yeah, I know...and so far I personally haven't found much that Flash did that HTML5 cannot.
Crossing my fingers for gen 1Sony GTV. I can only hope that part of the product development phase took into account the fact that people usually plan on using their tv for more than two years, including all functionality.
That is my main concern regarding purchasing a tv with google software in it. I think for now I will stick to set top boxes. If google or other companies can put most of the software on the cloud then it will not matter what hardware or what age it is.
Jody B
+Nate Fox you should use 1channel app in the play store on google tv
Nate F
Maybe. Since JB Chrome doesn't actually run Flash at all, I still didn't get an answer.
I'd love a Google TV Nexus device.  My Revue is outdated now and can be frustratingly slow at times.  I'm looking forward to the new update when it gets rolled out (hopefully with new hardware following closely behind)
This means that my Sony Google TV will get Jelly Bean? Woohoo!
this is cool, maybe i can finally get some emulators to work on the vizio.  ive tried sideloading them and they just crash
People that want flash are (largely) streaming movies and TV shows illegally from sites that still use flash
Nate F
You don't actually know that though, Jon. So instead, how about the original spark on this conversation where +Google TV will Chrome still support Flash natively?
I used to stream football games on Justin tv before I got the Sunday ticket that's about all I used flash for.
I have a Revue now collecting dust. I was looking at Android TV sticks but was waiting for this announcement. Thank god it eventuated. I'm back in! I will buy the next STB with 4.2.2 support & look forward to XBMC on it! FTW!
So anyone know if the Sony Google TVs will get this too? I have the 40 and 46 inch versions at my house and I'm very eager to know.
Am I reading correctly that this only will be released for ARM based GTVs? So, no revue (duh) and no 1st Gen Sony TV devices???
Come on Vizio, update the the co-star!
All you people freaking out about losing Flash thanks to the update - I'm confused. Just go to Adobe's archive, download the flash 11 apk file, sideload it onto the device, and download a 3rd party browser. Why wouldn't that work just as well as it does on your phone?
Am I the only one that doesn't care about flash on my devices anymore? haha
Shawn D
+Joe P. You're correct. The Revue won't see the update. It's only available for devices with ARM processors. That excludes the 1st generation Google TV boxes, including the Revue, because they all had Intel processors.
Shawn D
I really hope my Sony NSZ-GS7 gets the update! Considering it's less than a year old, I think it will. It looks like it has the hardware necessary to run it, and Sony seems pretty good about regular system updates (I've received 2 since January).
I know that Flash is dead in terms of innovation, that Adobe isn't support it more for Android (even when there's some APK that work on 4.2.x).
I never liked Flash, but there's some websites that I use to watch video content that need Flash, that was the reason why I bought the Logitech Revue.
Of course I hope that those websites that I visit change to HTML5 (but I don't have to much hope about it).
I'm from Mexico, so a lot of features for TV isn't available for me.
Have a nice day.
+Shawn D yeah, i hope  it's not like that (like android, when it's up to the OEMs..)
I really want to buy one and of course i want to buy the right one (the one that will receive the update) so i kinda hoping to see a nexus tv or something in the keynote, but now that i know there isn't gonna be one, i just want to see who will receive the update and buy it \:
Does the html5 load flv and swf like flash?
 Also,html5 is already partially intact in my NSZ-GS7 according to youtube (only "webm" is not functioning).
 Heck,I even seen it in action on youtube,but speed change isn't working.
please cover the Logitech Revue with this!!!!!
Shawn D
+Sean Elliott The Revue won't get the update, sadly. The Jelly Bean update is only available for devices with ARM processors. The Revue and most other first generation Google TV boxes have Intel processors.
+Shawn D I just say this yesterday and am wicked bummed!  I guess that's our punishment for being early adopters but why wouldn't the manufacturers consider that consumers usually use tvs for a bit longer than smartphones...ughhh!
Shame that my 1st gen Sony Blu Ray unit won't be getting the update.
Will the Sony NSZ-GS7 be getting the update?
I would assume so since it has picture in picture,and that it is the only box with 8 gigs of total file space compared to the others with only four gigs.
Shawn D
+Jerry Roy I'd be shocked if it didn't. The box is less than a year old and Sony has been pretty good with updates for it. The hardware can certainly handle it.
Occasionally,the menus go lightning fast ever since I had to normal reset with connect button from a random freeze with an "uncompatible" app I over-worked that runs fine otherwise.

Just think,the sony box updated to GTV3 (Honeycomb) not long after being released in stores (3-4 months after retail).

So maybe it will recieve the update sooner,or after vizio's co-star.
I have to chime in about the Sony Bluray.  It's the only one I know of that includes a Bluray player.  I'd like to either see this old version get new life, or someone come out with a new model with a Bluray player.  It's SO CLOSE to being everything I need in one box.  Come on Google, you're so close!
+Kahil Nettleton Flash is most definitely not dead. Youtube still needs it to play Ads before each video.  Any profit sharing video is no longer HTML5.
Yep,this is proven when you enable HTML5 on youtube's lab page.
Any video with ads defaults to flash.
And videos without ads will load in HTML5 which has the extra playback speed feature
(not working on NSZ-GS7 which lacks WebM.)
do let me get this straight, the next generation phones are going to have Intel CPUs, but because the first gen gtv boxes boxes have Intel CPUs, they won't be updated. HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE??
For people concerned about Flash,I found some info on a wiki page about adobe.

In February 2012, Adobe announced it would discontinue development of Flash Player on Linux for all browsers except Google Chrome by dropping the support for NPAPI and using only Chrome’s PPAPI.

Google TV STBs are based on linux.
 Hopefully this means GTV will keep the pepper flash chrome
extension when the big upgrade gets released.
I just found out on my gtv that a later version of flash is required to run a "html5" game I was trying out.

I thought html5 did not require flash at all.

I hope the new chrome browser updates flash to at least the last 11.# version that linux got,for extensions support,the much needed context menu by long-press (practically all other browsers have it),and an optional full screen browser mode so I can see/open the tabs at all times like on a computer (this would also prevent tabs from randomly closing).
+Benjamin Durden HTML5 doesn't require Flash. the makers of your game are either mis-representing themselves by chucking a buzzword into their advertising, or just don't understand enough about HTML5 to fully drop Flash, but don't want to be viewed as obsolete.  The sooner Flash is gone from the browser world the sooner developers will stop trying to use it, and the better the world will be.
But what about running older stuff and SWF files in general?
Removing flash entirely (PPAPI) would cripple Google TV's functionality causing a huge drop in sales.
e.g Any/every computer can run SWF,Google TV Honeycomb can run SWF,updates to JB
,wait,what's this,I let it update from HC to JB,and now swf's and happy wheels no longer works.
...throws a tantrum
People who buy a GTV device less than 90 days ago would go return them.

The sad thing is that I would prefer to have a laptop than this currently buggy Sony NSZ-GS7 GTV STB.

I wished GTV devices were as customizable as any laptop/desktop,including speed hax and more freedom with programs,games,and most importantly flash.

If GTV updates flash to its last possible linux release,it would run SWF way faster and support more sites and flash games.

The really sad thing is that my desktop is single core and worn down,and can run most stuff way faster than my GTV,yet my GTV can play 1080p videos at flawless framerates,while the desktop lags and jitters.

In closing,theres tons of people that prefer flash to stay in GTV,and we need a petition that states keep flash on GTV,so it can prove how many people NEED flash support on GTV
(tons of people).
To prevent rage,this is not the BIG update.

Unsure about who made REL10 update for Sony NSZ-GS7,but it is still on 3.2 firmware.

I wonder what the changes in REL10 are,they're not posted anywhere yet.
One thing I noticed is now the model number reads NSZ-GS7/GS8,proving that they are essentially the same.
Mine is Sony NSX- 40GT1. Now a days Youtube application as well as Chrome does crash when I am playing youtube site on Chrome.
It will display a Reload button and keep clicking it and nothing happens. It tries to load the page again and again, but no use.
After playing a while Youtube app, it will display a network error. And nothing comes after that. Restart the TV then it works again...

I bought this TV because it supports flash and it has Chrome.

Now a days no flash sites work better and Chrome does crash...

Its a kind of waste investment on this TV.....
Please let know if anybody knows a work around to fix this problem...
Even though I've had no experience with TVs with GTV,I think you would've been better off with a set-top box powered by GTV (like NSZ-GS7) and any non GTV 1080p HD Television.

Most people that have a TV with GTV built in have a host of problems from turning themselves off randomly,and even completely losing the ability to function altogether.

Basically those TVs with GTV are really buggy and at times can be a nuisance.

I am having an awesome time with my Sony NSZ-GS7,and I never had a major problem with it.
Thanks for your advice.

I have bought this a TV less than two years ago and I don't want to change my TV now...
So I will wait for some time till Google fixes this issue. If not then I need to find an alternative and its a Good lesson to not to buy a product till it matures in the market even though its a product from a Big company.
Anyone receive the update for the Sony NSZ-GS7? I just scrapped my Revue for one of these. Sony is way faster but the revue did the video pass thru cleaner. Sony looks slightly unclear.
Sony NSZ-GS7 has two noise removers:normal noise removal and IP noise removal for small videos with low bitrate

I have one and it is even faster on the REL10 update than on REL08,and I don't even bother using noise removal at all because it makes the picture blurry.
You can adjust the noise removal in the settings?
So no one has Jellybean 4.2.2 yet?
You will find noise removal and IP content noise removal in picture&sound by accessing system settings on the home screen option menu.

We are at REL10 with Android Honeycomb 3.2,and I hope we get the JellyBean update sometime soon.
Just stumbled upon this. I'll be stoked when this actually happens. (Using a Sony NSX-46GT1.)

Bonus points if it has a "game" mode so I can finally play Xbox games on it.
Is there any way I can install flash plugin in Sony Google TV NSX-40GT1 so that I can watch flash content...
Flash is built into Chrome and should work for most sites you encounter. Although, last I checked, it's a previous version of Flash but I haven't had any issues with it. You'll probably have to wait for any updates to the rom (that is, getting Jelly Bean) to get any Flash updates.
What I think is kinda dumb is that Chrome's flash plugin could have been updated from 10.1 to 11.2 at any time GTV updates (RELxx etc.) get released because 11.2 is the latest possible linux flash since the Chrome browser is a linux build.

They could have also updated that linux Chrome to the actual latest linux version before they switch to android version entirely.

The only reason Chrome works in the first place is because of it being for linux on a linux system (Google TV devices) ported to android.

I think instead of getting rid of flash,just set all malfunctioning sites (Hulu) and all html5 sites to a blacklist inside the flash plugin,and we also should have system device flash for directly viewing swf files offline in an app,but we do not,which is kinda stupid seeing how most people buy Google TV devices just because they can play flash/online flash content (Happy Wheels,Newgrounds,,and many others).
Anyone Have the update yet?
Nope, not yet. I've heard that it has been released to manufacturers, but that's all I know.
Just checking in, anyone yet?
Nothing here. I'm hoping my my Sony NSX series tv isn't "too old" for the update. If we ever see it...
Does HTML5 have a method for supporting swf files in any way?

I think it might work using WebGL and canvas somehow.

I wonder if porting Gnash or Lightspark to android will make it possible to run flash again on GTV devices when they update in 3015.

Gnash and Lightspark are both open source flash player alternatives,which means it would be easy to port them when compared to not having an open source to dig through.

I hope that we can at least use the latest FireFox in the update because of a Mozilla extension called Shumway that makes swf files playable without flash.

You would think Chrome Developers will make/port an/the extension so their browser can also view swf files without needing flash.
Sony NSZ-GS7 had an update today. How disappointing it was still Honeycomb 3.2
As advertised on Google TV site - BBC iPlayer - still doesn't work as HC is too old now.
Would like to see JB 4.2.2 hit Google TV boxes before 4.4 KitKat is released! 
So first generation users got skipped over on JB.  KitKat is supposed to be the OS to unify everything (cheaper phones, watches, tvs)... any word on if KK is coming to the logitech revue or first gen. google tvs?
I think the first gen people are dead in the water with Honeycomb
ironic too because they went ARM to keep costs down b/c having intel inside was too expensive and now it sounds like they may be going back to intel.  I don't blame google tv, I blame sony...
Buying the NSZ-GT1 was the biggest mistake I ever made with an electronic purchase.  I will always avoid Sony unless I have to.   If Sony has lost Blueray to HD-DVD,  there would tons of disc ready Android devices today, but unfortunately they won and few devices have built in blue-ray drives.
Is there still no word on an update for the NSX-46GT1?? ITS BEEN over a year and no updat since 3.2.x...
@ John don't think they are planning to update first generation boxes because they use intel chips and they have since moved to ARM.  In the same boat here... frustrating.  
thats a damn shame that sony and maybe even gtv abondoning a platform like that and leaving 1st gen customers locked out. And no solution for a root of some sort. Now if i wanted to i couldn't even sell my NSX-46GT1. some innovation.. sony make. not believe...
+John Corcione ya john, I have the same tv and its pretty frustrating to be stuck at 3.2, highly unlikely we will ever seen 4.x
Google, it's thanksgiving, without 4.2.x on my Vizio Co-Star, I have nothing to be thankful for.  Don't partner with companies that have no intention of supporting their customers.
Benny Z
+Matthew Patience I have a LG google TV and have not updated because I want to keep flash. Have you found a way to turn off the annoying forced notifications to update?
So is it official, 4.2 not going to happen for the Sony? 
I have that same issue Gerard, apparently there is no love for Sony NSX-GT46 owners as well.  BAD FORM!
Still no love for sony nsx-gt461 i have yet to receive any more updates from them
The "users want Flash to stream content illegally" is not true. I need it to play content from websites like Disney and Disney Junior which only work on Flash 11+.
I tried installing a Flash 11 apk on my Sony *GS8 to no avail. :(
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