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With the exciting news about Chromecast we are getting a lot of questions mostly wondering if Google TV is dead. 

No, in fact partners are continuing to launch new Google TV-enabled HDTVs and boxes. As we announced at I/O, we are working with partners to bring the latest experience of Android and Chrome to devices later this year. We believe there is ample room for both products to exist and succeed.
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Hopefully, you will add the Chromecast features to +Google TV as well (like you've already done with Music, YouTube and Movies and TV).

I hope also for Linux!
I really loved google TV, but since development stopped on the original sony box, I'm left with a really expensive blu-ray player. I am disappoint Google. Having said that, I did order 2 Chromecasts to keep my obsession going.
Development didn't stop. They bring JellyBean to GoogleTV this year.
Google TV isn't yet born in the UK, choice of apps is laughable.. I've gone Roku for the moment (but I'm confident you guys will come up with the goods....soon I hope.)
Like +Joseph Cappellino, I'd also like to know if the new "casting" features on updated Android apps and Chrome will work with GoogleTV. Or will they remain Chromecast only? 
I'll keep my Sony NSZ-GS7 until I die.
Why will partners like Sony spend the time to bring the needed updates to GTV when there is a $35 device that will do almost everything that the GTV does?  GTV may not be dead but its certainly on life support after the announcement of Chromecast.
Support for YouTube,Netflix and GooglenPlay music and movies at launch = nowhere near ready to replace google Tv
However, for people who intend to cancel their Cable subscription, this would be a good replacement for a Google TV.

Most of the other good features a Google TV offers is related to how it can integrate with a DVR.
not a replacement for Gtv (no true IR blaster style home theater integration? etc), but it does seem like a more open (in terms of other apps using it) and significantly cheaper nexus Q replacement.

i'm holding my breath to see one 'unboxed' (hardware specs) and if it can be a)made to run android rather than a stripped down "chrome os"
b)simply rooted for additional capabilities/codecs

it could kill a chunk of the market for ~30 dollar android HDMI dongles of dubious origin. (even more if android is possible aftermarket and/or a proper SOC with google's good open source citizenship)
I doubt Chromecast will support Plex anytime soon, so my GoogleTV still has an advantage over it. :)
I love the Google Music integration with GTV.
There should be a chromecast app for Google TV, even I mirror effect like ios has a good thing would be playing games like on iOS mirrior a game to a apple TV and the phone or tablet becomes a controller and a second screen
Yes, There will be lots of Angry Google TV owners if we do not get Chromecast functionality.
I would be one of them since I have a revue and a costar
It was announced today that re cast feature will be included on GTV. Now it's up to the application developers to implement it.
I would like to see Chromecast for Google TV. I can already send YouTube to my GTV and I have Play Music on my GTV.
+Allen Roe You can do the morroring with Miracast. I wish there would be a box which combines both. Chromecast and Miracast because standards like Miracast are great and many people have limited hdmi slots on their tv. If i would want to use Google Cast and Miracast 2 slots would already be filled :/
Given Google's recent track record of dumping services to focus on new ones (Reader, iGoogle, Latitude, the list goes on...), I'm wondering if we can really take them at their word that GTV will stick around.

I was at I/O this year, so I know how much emphasis they put on GTV, but I still can't help but have trust issues.
Seems like Chromecast on GTV could finally be a way to get HBO Go back and other apps like ShowtimeAnytime on board before releasing an app.   Also we've been able to use the YouTube "cast" feature for a while, but not with Play Music.  Is there hope that we can control/send music from a device?  This would be perfect for times when you are not in front of the TV like when cooking in a kitchen.
I just bought my brand new LG Google TV. Chromecast is no replacement for GTV. - just having the built in mic on the lg google tv is worth it. Chromecast will make its way to gtv. 
Development stopped on Intel based Google TV. 
I wish I had some clarity about the future of Google TV.  It was a pretty dead topic at Google IO.  Could someone suggest some good (non-speculative) insights / summaries about the roadmap? 
I'd be happy to just see an update. 3.2 is older than Santa Claus!
Actually. I don't think we will see the Cast Button on Google Music, Google Movies/TV, Pandora, etc until the Google TV is updated (or the app gets a special update to provide the same YouTube implementation, DIAL multiscreen code). These products and other iterations can working together. I imagine a mainstream setup with a high priced GTV (box or TV) as the main viewing device (e.g. in the living room, movie room), and lower power, simple Cast devices (dongle, built into TVs Google TV powered or not) that are much cheaper in other areas (bedroom, kitchen, garage, etc) to easily direct content to those devices rather than have a full UI.
My revue is old but I use it every day. Playback on YouTube still sometimes forces me to reset unit. In fact everyone here is so used to using full size keyboard. I know there's been virtually no real development of useful apps but I can't imagine watching tv without my revue. Kinda sucks won't b able to track family from latitude anymore but guess that's the way it goes. Hey Google, please continue to work on GTV products. Don't let us down!
+Jesse Salguero Agree with all of that anf love the avatar "a little slow tonight isn't it Lloyd "
+Jesse Salguero so true. That could have been my post. Sad that revue pioneers have been the biggest fans yet abandoned. Would get a new device but concerned about obsolecense repeating. 
I hope that whenever the big jellybean upgrade comes out (it should have already been out angry),that this upgrade is available for direct download so I can install it offline through the USB port since my F'ING internet is cancelled again.

I have a Sony NSZ-GS7 without internet access,at least I could have JellyBean apps/games for myself somehow after I could install the update in this way with a USB stick.

And I could side-load other free 4.0-4.2.2/4.3 NDK based apps in the same way.
Major difference: +Google TV devices are standalone. The Chromecast dongle is not. I don't want to have to sit in front of the TV with a laptop or another device just to watch content. A dedicated TV remote (or in this case, a Google TV remote) is just fine, thanks.

That said, bringing Chromecast to current and future GTV devices is a no-brainer.
They tried making a "smart" remote for Google TV with gestures and swipes. But then they redesigned that app because people wanted a normal remote control. This is what people don't get. I don't want to have look down at my phone or tablet to figure out what button I'm pressing or if I'm swiping in the right gesture area.

Is it nice to have as a novelty? Sure. But day to day? Heck no.

The beauty of a remote control is muscle memory. I don't need to see where the buttons are, I just need to know where they are. Brilliantly simple. When I plop down in front of my TV, the last thing I want to do is figure out my "smart" remote or heaven-forbid have a laptop on my lap to "cast" my tabs to the TV.
+Barney Doan I agree that most Smart Remotes with gestures and swipes don't work well because of lack of ease of use but chromecast and Google Cast is not cumbersome. I think it's more than a novelty. It isn't for every single piece of content and doesn't replace physical remote. It is a great compliment and most people play with phones and tablets while watching TV. The concept behind casting is also simple and brilliant. If an app supports it and content can be flung, a button simply appears while you happen to be in that app and you can automatically send it up to the TV. Just one button. It can also smart switch between devices. So, if you press a remote on your Google TV and you were on the Chromecast input, the tv immediately switches to the Google TV and starts working like normal. So if you do have apps or casting from your browser for certain content that's great and when you want to do more simplistic things or navigate with Google TV, that option is available there too. And, it is only $35 for the added feature, will be baked into GTV, and likely added to lots of new hardware. 
+Mike Zybko Oh, don't get me wrong. Love the concept of casting. And it's natural extension will be added to Google TV. It makes for a killer TV service. I can't wait. And I think Chromecast is a brilliant move that triggers people's impulse habits and gets Google on your TV without a second thought. I'm all for that. But Chromecast in its current state is a bit of a half effort. To expect people to have their smart device, TV remote for traditional TV, and a laptop handy (because let's face it, the most compelling aspect of Chromecast is tab casting), that's a bit much. Casting should already be baked in to Chrome for Android. It should already be baked into Drive (right? Am I crazy for thinking that? Presentations on the go?)

My response was directed more in agreement with +Christopher Parker in terms of interface. I like having a remote. I press the guide button on my TV and because Google is tracking my likes and dislikes, it knows what shows I want to watch. And you're right, I do have my smart device with me. But that doesn't mean I'm looking forward to popping out my laptop to tab cast Hulu. Probably will have to do that in the meantime until the figure a work around for Chrome for Android. 
+Barney Doan I got ya. I thought the same thing about Drive! I also can't wait for the day (with Primetime tracking use and Google search tracking, etc) when Google Now suggests I cast something I didn't even know I needed to see.
I think tab casting is very compelling and will get better, but I also think the cast button natively within apps act like a Trojan horse, and once implemented, suddenly every app starts casting content. I'm thinking about +Shifty Jelly #PocketCasts, +Umano: News Read To You, +Vimeo, ESPN3, and so many more. 
IS there any update coming for sony google tv nsz-gs7 ???
...asks every single Sony NSZ-GS7 owner!

I cannot help but blame Google Fiber and mostly Chromecast for this.

Its always chromecast this,chromecast that,leaving us GTV box owners in the dust.

They should have gradually upgraded to ICS instead.
+Google TV Developers Yes please help us to feel better about JB coming to our devices. I have two Vizio Co-Stars and would be devastated if these did not get the upgrade. I would return one in favor of a Chromecast if I know for sure the update was not coming. 
They should at least give us an estimated release date.

That way we know how long to expect to wait for the upgrade to come out,instead of that abyssmal in the coming months during Q3.
I need an exact date our I am returning the new LG crap TV this weekend.
Pretty much all of the TVs embedded with built-in Google TV have their own defects that make them an embarrassment to be powered by Google.
This makes Google look bad.
From automatically turning off randomly to outright complete loss of functionality,these "smart" Google TVs were probably rushed out onto the shelves with incomplete testing/debugging,and this is probably why they are suffering so much hatred by their frustrated owners.

The random turning off might be caused by power flow deficiency,which means you would need one of those special-made power units built for high-end HD Smart Google TVs and other overpowering appliances.

All of us GTV device owners are getting restless while waiting for the JellyBean upgrade.
I can only assume that due to the 4.3 release,they are re-writing the upgrade to this version instead of 4.2.2,causing a further delayed release.
We have been waiting so long that...

We have been waiting impatiently then patiently.

I have a question.

Where is the OTA release discussion for Sony NSZ-GS7?

I assume we are not waitng for google,but for Sony,Vizio,and other brands for their OTA updates.

Or are we waiting for -->Google<-- because of some sudden change,possibly related to Android 4.4 "Kit-Kat" being announced.
My thought and hope is that they are moving GTV to 4.3 and then it will update to 4.4 soon after. Remember they said they want GTV to be able to update within weeks and not months after other android devices. 
We are waiting for Google. I confirmed with LG support for my TV
Google is making us all wait, not the OEM manufacturers.
Long time we heard any News from you Google TV ??!!
3rd quarter ends in 10 days...still no update. Can someone at Google at least be honest enough to provide an exact date??
I am almost on the verge of ditching Google for Apple, I have waited enough.
For those who own a not-yet updated GTV box/receiver,but mainly all of the GS7 (me) and Co-star owners.

What I wanted to say in anger,and I apologize in advance:In spite of all the other Android and Google updates except for GTV,Google needs to get off their asses and release any GTV update for their loyal "faith-losing" GTV owners/fans instead of possibly killing GTV by causing a lack of interest from not having the update!

I think at this stage they need to put out a solid date for an update. People are not going to wait around. It's not like this I big news to start off with when compared to say iOS 7 updating. I hope Google does something soon. People want update technology. 
It would have been better if they quickly updated it to HoneyComb 3.3 or ICS with at least minor beta NDK support so it could support more apps until the REAL update came out.
It would have been better if we all bought Apple TV instead.
i have three iphones an ipad and an ipod touch and i still got googletv over appletv
I have everything Android...I didn't want to switch (to Apple)...yet. But now I can't resist, I have had enough shi.t with fragmented updates.
Why is the GTV Dev page so quiet? I don;t mean just on the JB update but there has not been an update since this one on 7/24. Seems odd.
I don't know why, but I want the "mirroring" functionality that Apple TV has but on Google TV. It is to show what you see on your tablet or phone on the TV. ... I don't know why, maybe just to slap it on the face of the fanboys :)
With the removal of Flash, GTV is dead to me.  I'm not a huge proponent of Flash but I am no longer able to stream programming from two European TV websites.  Sites like these are the very reason why I spent $200 for my Sony GoogleTV device.
The problem is that they should not completely get rid of flash,but they should instead suppress it until it is really needed for various flash only sites.

We should have already had offline flash swf/flv support to begin with.
I would settle for offline flash so I can load swf files on an swf player for android without needing an internet connection.

Pepper flash sucks when compared to NPAPI flash by playing happy wheels on Windows Chrome.
On my obsolete single core PC,Happy Wheels (at the lowest settings) is extremely choppy and lag spikes when ran with pepper flash with that FKING frameskipping!

When I disabled pepper flash,leaving only the NPAPI enabled,Happy Wheels (lowest settings with max particles) ran unbelievably perfectly with absolutely no frame skip and almost no lag spikes.

This is undeniable proof of how sucky pepper flash is currently.
Since they plan to get rid of NPAPI support,Google needs to straighten this out on Windows Chrome by disabling that horrid frame skip setting and making various performance tweaks.

I still hope we can run FireFox for Android with shumway (the flash replacement) on the GTV Android 4.2.2 update whenever it comes out.
Upgrades to the second generation of boxes,is it a moot point at this time.Sony is in deep financial dodo and the Vizio isn't selling at a profitable margin.Beginning to wonder if we are going down the same path as the first generation of GTV.
Any news on jelly bean or newer? it has been a while since a Google TV update.
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