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Did You Know Your #GoogleTV can take a trip around the world with Discovery Earth app? Watch the sun rise over beautiful beaches across the globe, or satisfy your curiosity with a peek into another culture’s way of life. The world map features videos from Discovery Sunrise Earth and Discovery Atlas with over 30 touchpoints on the map.
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And how do I get it in Brazil?!
Really, you should bet on us!!
+Henry James Ball Not available outside US yet but rumour it is to land in the UK and Germany and Spain and France in September.
+Henry James Ball you import one from the states like I did, if your an idiot!
The revue is seriously not worth having
Not as impatient as me. If Google spent a fraction of the effort they put into Android GTV would be massive, or if they just sourced it like they're 'working hard' to do.
+Henry James Ball Suggest that Google busy using the time to negotiate content deals in Europe. In the UK, much content is "locked up" with Sky. Eric Schmidt spoke at last year's Guardian Media Event in Edinburgh and attempted to court the media to suggest that Google is a friend here that throught GTV can increase the revenue potential for media. Should be interesting to see how that approach takes hold.
G+ isn't available on GTV, unless you side load the ask ;p
Chrome is a poor excuse and although the YouTube App was updated recently its missing features available on Android.
I sound really negative but thats because its got so much potential. I bought it early to develop on and if they open source it, hopefully before September, I've got a good idea for a new platform.
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