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Google Play Music on GoogleTV

If you love listening to your favorite songs on your computer or mobile device, the Google Play Music app has been updated for your #GoogleTV, letting you play your collection from the best speakers in your house.
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UK please. And Spotify-style subscriptions will make me switch. Spotify for me at the moment, though. You have catching up to do.
It's always worked great on our Sony GTV. We use it all the time. Helps that the TV's sound is so deep and full that we don't need standalone speakers. 
I've always have been able to play on my sony GTV box... or is this newer update (with newer feature?)?
Finally! I now have it on the new Sony Gtv
I was wondering why it wasn't on my Co-Star when it launched, and it just happened to show up last night. Works pretty well so far!
Sorry for the delay everyone. I know this was a prime app that you wanted to use. -Kevin
Kevin, you're doing an awesome job man!  Keep it up!
Still waiting for Google Play TV & Movies on my GTV.  I cannot watch my purchases on there yet
+Tim Dippel , you can watch it on the youtube app for Google TV actually.  It's under the rentals section.  It will pop up there.  BUT the Play Movies & TV app for Google TV would be an easier interface to access.
Thanks +Tony Cacaccio for answering. +Tim Dippel the google play rentals and purchases will be updated very soon. We will let you know when this happens. -Kevin
got my +VIZIO co-star yesterday and this was one of the first apps I searched for. hoping Movie/tv comes soon and that it is integrated into the TV & Movie app because right now it points to Netflix and Amazon (which needs an app not webpage) but not the Youtube rentals option which I found odd.
You're welcome Kevin!  I'm answering while i'm at work on a job managing a glass canopy install.....multitasking at it's finest :-p
+Google TV +Tony Cacaccio , see that would be great, except if I go into "My YouTube" and go to rentals, I constantly get "An Error Occurred".  I have a Logitech Revue
I have the Sony Blu-Ray player Google TV, i heard too many bad things about the Logitech Google TV stuff.  It's time for a Nexus Google TV set top box.....or put into the Nexus Q?
+Tony Cacaccio I like my Logitech Revue.  I got it for cheap.  Does it have its issues?  Yes.  All first generations of a product do.  But, right now it serves its purpose.  Though I am looking at that new one from Visio
+Tony Cacaccio I have tried using the YouTube app on my old Sony 40 inch and the new Sony box and both give an error when I try to play the movies or TV shows I have purchased through G Play.
my Top Gun purchase showed up in my youtube rentals section of the app though I didn't try to play it.
I understand +Jack Mabry Jr  I'm looking at Getting the Vizio Co Star for my Den.  I have the Sony Blu-Ray Google TV in my master bedroom and the You Tube app works fine with my purchased movies in HD.  The You Tube actually just updated for me last night as well.
Nice but not right aviable in swiss or Germany -.-
I also have the App but i don't can buy some songs 
I'm not mad about this and believe it will be fixed.  I totally dig both of my Google TV's.  Oh and my Sony 40 inch has always played G Music :)
I wish I had a fancy new TVs to use this with...
Hi +Tim Dippel which version of the youtube app are you on - 1.3.6 or 1.3.7? -Kevin
I can vouch for this. It is awesome and even better when you have surround sound. 
+Peter Jankowski Spotify isn't available on GTV yet is it? I am in the UK and cannot see it on the Play Store. Or Google Music:(
I had the first Sony Google TV bluray player it was great is the second version out?
Music is great, but +Google Play TV shows on +Google TV would be even better. Buying from Amazon makes me miss the simplicity of Apple TV. Tank +Nexus Q and focus on streaming all of Google play's offerings on Google TV. To the Google TV team, I know that decision isn't up to you and appreciate your hard work. I love my Google TV.
+Google TV does this software update improve the bit-rate at which music is streamed? 
Sorry but, Is +Google TV only available at U.S.? I didn't know the service. Have some plain to turn it available for other countries, like Brazil?
Thanks +Derek Crandall the Google play movie update is coming very soon. I know a lot of fans are waiting eagerly for this. Rest assured when it becomes available we will mention it first on our G+ page. -Kevin
+Kevin Lau / +Google TV  will the Movies & TV app  that is already on there include Play store content? right now it seems to just point to amazon and netflix.
+José Maria Farias the latest +Sony device is available in select countries internationally. Stay tuned for more updates on our intl expansion! -Kevin
+michael interbartolo The TV & Movies app is working in bringing more content from different sources. When more updates are available I'll keep you posted! -Kevin
Play your Music...Instantly....Anywhere....(except anywhere outside of the US)....
+Google TV is there a chance to get Nexus Q functionality in our app?  it should work, and i don't think it would be out of line with what Google TV is.  i think it would be a great addition and maybe make me want to keep the TV and not think about hopefully moving to a Q instead, which is the functionality i want more than the current Play Music TV app offers.
It wasnt updated for the Logitech Revue.
+Alex Crooks  Nope. Spotify for Google TV not available yet. Looking forward to it, assuming that Spotify are working on it. That will be a step closer to making my Sonos system defunct, too.
+Isham Padron can you try resetting your device and seeing if that helps? -Kevin
Where did the widget go? I use Launcher Pro and this was one of the couple widgets I used on my GTV. Now it is gone :(
+Google TV why is the Nexus Q not compatible. I'd like to use the Nexus Q as a terrific sounding amp for my GoogleTV. 
I have been using ported google music from the phone, it worked good. Does the new gtv version have any additional features?
+Google TV Kevin. Do you know where can we provide feedback to the Google Play Music app development team? I want to suggest if it can be possible to standardized the GUI of this app with the Google TV YouTube and TV&Movies apps.
+michael interbartolo Launcher Pro is the only launcher available without side-loading. It works well. If you pay for the app on a Android phone or tablet you can transfer the payment code to the GTV for extra functionality (re-size widgets). You cannot pay for the pro version on GTV for some reason. You can also side-load Go Launcher. That is the only other launcher I have tried. It worked well also. The simplest way to side-load is to upload a backup of an apk (ES File Explorer works well) from your phone or tablet to drop box and then go to drop box via the web on your GTV and download. You can side-load the drop box app for future use as well.
I saw Go Launcher in the play store, but had some trouble moving apps on the homescreen and applying widgets so since it was getting late I uninstalled it to not mess things up for the wife and will try again this weekend. +Sue West 
Just installed it on my GTV... however I haven't got many albums uploaded to Google Music yet. I will start uploading more of the coming weeks to take advantage of it on my TV. How much capacity is Google Music these days if I upload my own music files?
I like play my music on speaker of Nexus Q .
So Google TV is available in the Netherlands. Google Play as well, though without the multimedia content. Google Music is also not available. Though if you spend one day in the US, it does work and you can upload your own music. Question is, can I play my own music (ripped CD's) via Google TV somehow? Thanks!!
Hey Joep, I don't have a Google TV but I do travel to the US from time to time and the Google Music service keeps working for me back in Spain (where it is not available at the moment). As per the post I would say yes, you will be able to play your music in Google TV using the app mentioned. Hope this answers your question.
+Juanma Cajide thanks. Sounds great. So if Google music works on your laptop and phone, it will work as well on Google TV. That would be very nice.
Does anyone know why I can't pin my thumbs up playlist on my android devices?
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