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We’re excited to announce the latest #GoogleTV +VIZIO device launches TODAY! The #VizioCoStar comes built in with +OnLive for $99!

To read the full story, check out Vizio's blog here:
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So... that dedicated Amazon button is a good sign...dedicated app too?
I'd be all over this like a cheap suit if it launched in the UK.
Hey +Google TV, how about verifying these pages of +VIZIO and +OnLive? You mentioned them here, so you're probably sure they are official. Just saying. :P
It looks like a great device. But does it support IR remotes? I have a logitech harmony and would really like to use it for some of the the simple things. 

And will it be available in Canada?
Cool what's the availability? (country-wise)
Looks nice but US only I'd plus why can't these gadgets let you stream from your NAS box where you have movies,TV shows etc already.. It be a true media player then..
Hm. Where they said TODAY?
Is the keyboard a separate remote? it looks like it attaches underneath the touchpad remote, but isn't really clear.
+Niall Farrell install Plex App and you'll get great streaming support.  I love it!

There's also aVia if you don't want to install a new server-side process and have DLNA.
So this can't stream from a NAS with DLNA?
Is OnLive support an exclusive to the Vizio boxes, or can we expect it to arrive in the Play Store for all?
No doubt they are, you mentioned them so you had to be sure, +Google TV. :)

I just meant to ask why there is no "page verified" mark on them. You work for Google, Kevin, so you probably have or know someone who has the power to verify them. It made me curious how the verifying system works.
+Simon Jessey I'm sure there have got to be apps available for that.  But it'll probably have to be 3rd party support?  I'm also assuming +Plex could be used for watching your movie library, as it supports the Android platform.
Is this another x86 based GTV box or did they actually use ARM this time around? Oh yeah, Plex ftw!!!!
well i was interested in the sony box, but this is cheaper. Sony has a nicer remote but i was going o use my phone anyways. 
I bet Sony didnt see that coming makes the NSZ-GS7 look like crap, LMAO
Nice..."Chrome Web Browser with Adobe Flash Player"
Been waiting for this! Looks better than expected.. +Eric Souza I hope your assumption is correct!
+Simon Jessey From the tech specs: PlayPoint™ app lets you access media on DLNA-enabled network devices
Vizio nailed it. nuff said
+Rob Becker agreed.. people will toy with these for $100. I'm hoping IO shows us some stuff to make it last. I see these becoming a go to gift for the Christmas season for my family.
neat stuff coming from Vizio lately.
Sweet..."Supports DLNA-enabled mobile phones, Tablets, and PCs"
+VIZIO What exact processor SoC is being used?
It would be great to have information on which services will be working in Canada at launch.
+VIZIO - Is this universal remote capable of replacing a harmony remote? I sure hope so.
I will buy it if we can install XBMC on it.
Cool, right price range as well, will the UK be getting this. 
Are these devices supported in the UK?
Launches today? I thought it was supposed to launch in a few weeks. 

The VIZIO CO-Star will be available for pre-orders in July 2012 on for $99.99, with an introductory free shipping offer, while supplies last.
Awe, I just bought Apple TV...
Is it coming to the uk or can we whistle in the wind as per normal?
I'll have to wait until a box comes out with an OTA tuner instead of just HDMI in...not everyone has cable boxes.
I tried the Sony Google TV , didn't like it much to search on TV.
+Michael McQuaid you can return it lol if you have the receipt and it hasn't been 90 days. Claim its buyers remorse haha
I need one :) but I am in UK...
any news for uk customers?
It looks cool, but i'm afraid it'll put the moves on my toaster.
Ajen B
what does it matter when all content in Japan will be banned come this October!
Yeah.... I'm probably going to have to check this lil fella out. 
+Google TV Is one of these devices going to be a "Nexus" with support and updates directly from Google? Or should I just keep my eyes peeled for the next three days before I start hounding you with these kinds of questions?
im just waiting for Google's Video game Station. lol
Beep bop beep beep... We are consumers.... Take me to your leader. Beep beep bop bop. New tv. Yes. I must watch new google tv. Beep bop beep beep. 
Is there an actual Amazon app or it connects to the web. My Logitech only connects to the web but it would be great to have a real Amazon App. I watch movies from them all the time.
Is it any better than any of the previous failures?
Same price as the apple tv , wonder how it compares
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
That was ment to be Logitech 
you dont shit with your mouth right
+Paul Lindner thanks for that,will Plex play all content no matter what format it is in or does the player sort the codecs.. Does it let you browse your network shares,sorry for all questions but I'm used to a standard media player solution and was wondering would something like this do all a standard player would plus more...
No ir blaster crap?...if so this is what ive been waiting for
so now i can have a computer engine, on my tv? SCORE!
to be honest, just not compelling for me. First off, Vizio seems to ignore Canada. We can't seem to get any of their products in Canada. Also, the Sony Remote seems to be way nicer and I already use Sony Services (Music Unlimited)

Also, I question the quality of the hardware. Will it be a smooth experience? or did they cut costs on the processor?
Wonder what kind of processor it mention in the specs about that.
Looks way better than my Logitech....
sweet. no need for a console now. sick of the extortionate prices of play-stations and Xbox....
I wonder if it is any better than the roku box?
Nice. But more detail plz....
Time to trade up from my old Roku box.
I have a Logitech revue sitting in my garage. Untouched for about 6 months. This thing any better?
I really hope this makes it to the UK.
Wow look exciting n coool tech is great lookin foword 2 knwin how it works 
The problem with the remotes is the all of them try to control the TV as well. We need an option for those of us who chose not to have TV and just use web or apps.
Their business strategy is that of Apple's. Same price points on their computers, now this TV set top box is the about the same style and exactly the same price. It will be interesting to see if they hold secretive conferences on the next generation of computers. Just need a good music player.
What processor does the Co-Star use?
Might buy one to compare it to my Roku 2. The benefit would be a single interface for all content regardless of source (cable vs on-line). We have Time Warner and the DVR interface sucks so the same information in a single interface would be very nice.

I second the need for something like this with an OTA tuner. My end goal is to dump cable as much as possible but until then this might be the best single interface solution. 

I'm also very interested in whether it's running the existing Honeycomb or a newer ICS base. Loving my ICS phone. 
I would be curious to see the benefits of media sharing over the local LAN.  
I can feel the excitement! Will do my best to answer questions as they come up in the stream but as you can tell its building up ;). -Kevin
Great product at great price. Love to have one.
So, what this have so different and better than a ordinary cable televicius, seems to be the same s**t an ordinary remote control with a "trojan embed hardware to plugin and f**k" the target machine."
+Google TV The device looks great on paper. I have a couple of questions, though. First, I use Windows Home Server 2011 to serve my movies to Media Center PCs and laptops. Will the device allow me to stream unencrypted movies from the server without any conversion? What about blue-ray movies? That way, I can get rid of my media-center PC that is hooked to my home theater system.
I think this Google TV could really take off. Is that a touch pad?
+Perry Kahai we will definitely be covering more details about the product. For now though, you'll have access to some great apps like +Plex and +aVia Media Player which will help you take your content and view it on the TV effortlessly. -Kevin
Will there be an app so I can use my Android phone as a remote?
Dude - check the pictures. Qwerty = true;
Glen H
I gotta have it Google+Visio rocks
Dam it I'm broke and glad I passed on that deal on the Logitech one which my friend may or may not be regretting right now +Jennifer Ruggiero
Awesome. Always looking for a cable replacement 
Hey.. It's looks like a gun when it happens to see suddenly:)
Steve K
+Jaime Barredo  There is a qwerty keyboard on the back of the remote.

No plan for Canada :( I'll get the more priced Sony I guess, hoping it's compatible with OnLive too.
wow i ant that now give it to me
These companies shouldn't be so preoccupied with building another peripheral for your TV, when you say "Apple TV" or "Google TV" it implies an actual television, not an accessory like TiVo/DVR. We like minimizing clutter. An all in one internet capable television with WiFi support would be golden and people would pay for it. When the cell phone was improved to be internet friendly, they didn't just add peripherals.
Pretty good price... With that type of interface and technology...
Wow... Thanks for posting. :)
Google needs to say what media formats it supports and at what max bitrate for me to get excited. Many of us are still using a PC for our media hub.
I've been wanting to get on the GoogleTV train for so long, just been waiting for the right device and this looks to be it. A couple of things; 1: does it come with the OnLive gaming controller?? And 2) does the remote that comes with it have a qwerty keyboard on it, or will they want text input to be done via the GoogleTV app on your phone?

Also, any big GoogleTV news gonna happen at Google I/O? Maybe something involving ice cream sandwiches or jelly beans?????
I am super excited and hope that it will be launched in India too. Will buy for my Diwali gift then.
Can I have one of those for free???
I'm in Mozambique, and very few people know that this exists.
I can help on marketing the product (and use it, of course)
Though not perfect but a step in correct direction... We just need more content!
Alright you cough me. I want this. I actually have 100 bucks to spend on something and I think I want this. But before I go to the store, I want to know if this supports a keyboard and a mouse. Yes, I know that is has that integrated but, is not comfortable for gaming on OnLive. Please +Google TV answer me.
+James Kroth I hate integrated televisions ...  i'm glad its a $100 box instead of a hidden $100 add-on to a television purchase.  There's no reason to upgrade both simultaneously, so keep them apart.
will it work with the original Sony Google TV? OR is there any alternative to the ridiculous remote it came with?
Can this just be added to the PS3 already? I'd gladly pay $25 for a PS3 app, and it would cost Sony $0 for the hardware overhead (and be a huge value addition to PS3, as well). Get on it, Sony!
The Verge website produced a good video about Vizio's new line of laptops and all in one PCs a few weeks ago. Have a look at their headquarters and meet their lead designer and CEO. Plus they are a totally American company. 
Roku is good. Don't be upset. I love my Roku. 
will any of google tv hardware even pass through india before i get aged?
Vizio should launch in UK been looking at their products and they're fantastic I'd but their TVs and laptop and desktop computers over anybodys. The only GTV available in UK is from sony....
Hulu plus is the deal breaker for me.
somehow i feel this is not breaking news to me.
Showing us the Vizio and then threatening us with the Sony is not nice. It's double the price too. And it's Sony. hmpft
Yet another remote for the table, kill the remote and you have me but this cannot be the future of TV. Steve reveal all please.
This is great! Finally all these Google TV products coming should give it more awareness! Go Google TV!
Lars S.
Great News!
Oh wait i live in Germany or let's just say Europe. So why bother if the market is nearly ignored :(
I've been waiting for a device similar in size to the apple tv. Can't wait!
Steve C
Any chance this little beauty is coming to Canada?
Please confirm that this is complete web browsing i.e. I can stream TV shows that are not available for TV on Hulu Plus.  And that it is wireless and can work with my Vizio internet ready TV.
Oh? Not coming to Canada eh. Well this Canadian is going to invade the states and pick one up regardless. Then see if masking my IP or VPN tunneling will allow full use of the device and services. Just my little way of kicking my crony loving government and monopolistic media/telco's in the junk.
Now I don't feel bad cheaping out on the Vizio 42" with wireless and just getting straight HD.  Looking forward to this!
This is priced right.  Very nice.
which one is better this or the apple tv
When is it out in ireland 
This with the new Sony remote would be my dream device!
great price point. this may succeed where Logitech could not.
+Landon Harsh , +NOEL YOUNG  the article says: 
The VIZIO CO-Star will be available for pre-orders in July 2012 on for $99.99, with an introductory free shipping offer, while supplies last. 
The UK get the Sony device but screwed on price. $200 != £200. $99 (£60) would make this a killer device over here.
Full Chrome features is very nice, plus a lot of apps.
+Peter Eccles I think that the effective value of £1 is about the same as $2.  The difference between that and the actual exchange rate is an indication that US currency is still overvalued internationally.
I want one but I really want hulu plus to work!
Visios are great Televisions.  It's good to see they are starting to make strides in the industry.
lol i hope google takes apple down a peg they have to much confidence and to much confidence can lead to bad ideas in there next stuff they make competition which is always good
nice and technology very interesting about this!! now the year more and more technology than old ago past the years!!!
What about Google TV on PS3 or PS4 ? You guys a good programmer to program your shows, films, and etc. Am your guy.
I would consider getting this for $99. once again Sony missed the boat by releasing an overpriced product.. 
Cool!  Hope this product catches on.  The price point looks promising.
get me one,who am i talking 2?.i need dis
How is this any different then the handful of tv streaming devices out tv,roku, etc
Finally a decent piece of hardware ...
+vito gentile show me an SDK for those, which allows to develop fully fledged 3rd party applications, that deeply integrate into the device -- and i tell you how Google TV is different.
I'm sorry...but I usually connect my laptop via HDMI and enjoy the goodness of internet...I use my phone to control the mouse and sit back and watch.
+Christian Kurzke I agree that google does provide the best platform for developers. But at the same time because it's so open source there are to many bad apps out there, making the good ones over looked. Im an apple fan because it has everything I need with the ease of use. But if I was into developing and creating I could see how people like android style 
Google will soon be in the running with Apple and Microsoft. This is getting good lol
wow, I really hate the remote. It's a disaster to control a new media TV with such a dummy old remote. I don't expect the new model has a refreshing UI as well, all traditional mentality following "Menu/menu/menu...."
Signed up for notification when it comes available.
what does it do? And is it out yet?
is that what i think it is where can i get this stuff
Wow, how much did Amazon have to pay to get their own button!?
I'll get one or two if going to work in middle east 
+Google TV I want one of these. Any chance this will be rolling out in AP soon?
TV is still a families market in da world
The review claims the VIZIO Co-Star offers the distinct advantage of connecting to a cable or satellite box. As a cable cutter using Over-the-Air HDTV programming via antenna & Wi-Fi, I wonder if this will work for us too or are we left out?
The price is right but the real question's the boot loader? Open? Or overly locked down like the revue? Open = insta-buy, locked = nothing to see here, move along.
Hope they sell this in China
This reminds me of something small enough to be portable...
+Liz E it integrates completely with a satellite or cable subscription. Google TV has no subscription fee just the price of the equipment =) -Kevin
For released specs and to be notified when pre-orders start head on over to
+Liz E The Vizio Co-Star has HDMI pass-through for your cable or satellite. There are no subscription fees for the Co-Star and Google TV access. The Google Play Store will have both paid and free apps available.
+Mark Anthony Chang The Vizio Co-Star has HDMI pass-through for easy connection to cable or satellite receivers, as far as an antenna connection, you should have no issues since that connects on another input on HDTV's.
+Nathan Latham No, not at this time. Go to for more information and specs.
+Phil Ross Yes, Yes and YES. The Vizio Co-Star will be compatible with the current VIA technology on Vizio Smart TV's, Full browsing on Google Chrome and streaming access along with access to Google's Play Store for access to thousands of apps.
Australia ? Apple cleans up in Oz because they make their products available, I guess they understand the internet has a global audience. Naturally they charge higher prices than most to cover the extra shipping or cost to download, or take advantage of the fact that so few companies want to provide hardware to the rest of the world.  Google TV in Oz maybe sometime after the next ice age. What has Google got against people who don't reside in USA. www just change it to us and be done with it.
Eric S
Vizio device runs Chrome while the SDK is still geared at 3.1

I am confused.
+Eric Seale Since the Co-Star is in final testing stages the final version of the SDK has not yet been released. Keep watching for further updates.
When will the playpoint app coming to vizio's pcs tablets and other android or ios devices
+Chris Nunez At this time there hasn't been an update if or when that will be available on any other devices. If there is any change, we'll be sure to let our fans know. Thanks! -William
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