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App of the Week Part II

The +Washington Post is reinventing the nightly newscast one broadcast at a time, with PostTV for #GoogleTV

Read the full blog post here:
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I agree!!! Love getting newsbytes and being able to choose what news segments I watch with it :)
+Google TV there will be "TV & Movies for Google TV" for German films and TV series?
This is great. Looking forward to checking this out tonight.
+Thomas Latsch I'll ask the team about a dedicated app but currently there's multiple places to find different kinds of films in different languages like German. Here's a few places +SnagFilms +Netflix -Kevin
It also works on a tablet. I tried it on my Note 10.1 and it works. The controls are a little bit funky though.
Suggestions for Google Tv Movies + TV shows - you know how the netflix app integrates with it. You should make it so that it could also integrate with plex so that i could also grab content from my media server all in one place instead of switching apps. I didnt know where else to put this i couldnt find suggestions hopefully you see this. Thanks great product!
Can't add +The Fold to my circles as I am too busy using the app on my google tv :)
This seems to be smart service for smart TV.This is really good..
I love this new app.  This does show the way towards true interactivity with tv.
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