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In the ongoing battle between geek vs. nerd, one must take sides. But how can this be done without a solid argument for both personas? It's time to lay all the cards on the table to determine which is better and answer the question some fear to know...Are you a geek or nerd?

To see the full sized infographic visit the website here:
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Is it possible to be both? -Kevin
Sure...if you're Hannah Montana you can get the best of both worlds ;)
TIL: Geeks are hipsters! That's comming a long way from "biting the heads of live chickens at markets".
any possible chance we can give up the mac (geek) vs. pc (nerd) debate?

I'm firmly in the geek camp but really really have no desire to use any Apple products.
Could one be a Geek with certain Nerd tendancies...?

+Eric Hubbel: +100 to no desire to using any Apple products.
Never met a geek that loved Apple......the Apple love comes from hipsters...
Under this rhetoric, I'm some kind of freaky hybrid.
I find myself bothered by the fact that the infographic images are too small so it's hard to read them...(probably the geek side speaking), yet I get as close to the computer as possible to still read them (probably the nerd side)
lol +JUPAGO good stuff. You can click the link to see the full sized infographic. G+ has limitations with images that are pretty large compared to a normal photo. -Kevin
:) thanks! +Google TV I did download it to desktop. An odd solution would be to slice them (not as much fun) This is the same problem for panoramic photos taken from an ICS device. I'm sure +Google+ is already at work with a solution though. Keep up the great work!
Now I am worried that I am neither.
Anti-nerd propaganda that defines geek as a nerd that isn't quite smart enough to be a nerd.
Extremely intelligent? I think the geek community is just, in general, simply smarter than the rest of the population.
Good point +JUPAGO +Jay Swanson I had to cut the photo in half so it would be more easily read. You can check out the link to see the photo in full size. -Kevin
+Vincent Winther thanks for your enthusiasm about #GoogleTV overseas. Our social channels will be the best way to stay update on future releases. -Kevin
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