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When we launched the latest version of Google TV, we promised we'd bring new features out frequently. We're pleased to be making a big update to the YouTube app on Google TV in the next few days. See our blog for more details, and we'll post a reminder on this page when the apps becomes available.
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All I need now is for you to convince +Samsung USA to ditch their version of smart tv and upgrade their existing tv models to Google TV here in the UK.

Otherwise I look forward to trying this out sometime in the future
Keep bringing out the updates and the tweaks! I love my logitech revue.
Since Logitech is basically treating the Revue like a red headed stepchild these kind of updates may be the only ones we get. I wish Google would take over the system updates from Logitech so we can get updated in a timely fashion.
I agree completely +Michael Davidson. It be nice to know what Google's intentions are for future OS updates for the revue, although I only paid the $99 price for it in October fully understanding that it was probably going to be dumped by Logitech. I feel I have gotten my monies worth. Now if I was one of the people that paid $299 for mine.....
I feel like it's still missing a share option.
hi guys just wondering when ye hit the uk will we be able to get you in Ireland too
Finally! I've been waiting for the ability to select individual videos in my playlists, it's such a pain to use right now. I kind of hate the forced auto-play too.
Glad to see a new YouTube app. I've been resorting to leanback for the last few months.
great keep up the good work
Isn't there a Google TV box being built into a USB stick or something? I don't want to buy another large STB just for GTV.

But, good to see Google continuing to support this. I think we will hear more about the "channel-fication" of Google TV tomorrow, as well.
+Nick Felker I am familiar with the Boxee stick...I thought I heard somewhere Google was testing a similar device...Oh well. One can wish, right?
i think you should work on a player app for media files on usb storage with play all capabilities ;(
Bummer ! though new Google TV 2.0 on ICS Platform with GamePad Capability and with Market and all ICS 4.0 Compatible games on it.
They made a Big Mistake in Choosing x86 based Atom for Google TV, I want Tegra 3+ Devices so all Apps / Games in Market can be ported easily, Lets have a XBox Competitor
I'd like to be able to rent movies from the Android Market. Why is feature not available. I can rent from the Amazon Instant Video app, but not the market. Ridiculous.
Hey I love Google tv, is there any way they can get the bejeweled 3 to work on it. The game is free w/ the chrome browser, and I can play it on the pc, but I have tried numerous times to download it to Google tv, it will not load it after the download.
Still waiting to get Google TV in Europe.
Please convince sony to allow root access, I would love to get rid of some of this bloat on my Sony blu ray google tv box ;)
Would love to see some high quality hardware offering from one of the known brands (Denon???). Waiting for a Google TV box with high quality audio/video components inside. Also would love to see bitstream support extended for all streaming video & audio signals.
Updates are appreciated!! Thanks for all the hard work, GTV is really coming along.
google is doing a good job
Glad to see this update (or I will be. Cannot see it now). I own 2 Revues. 1 for $299 & 1 for $99. I didn't mind paying full price until we received FEW updates and then Logitech dumped support. I like the box and use it daily but Chrome is almost useless as it crashes too often. Can we please get an updated version that actually works more than it doesn't work? Also, any chance of getting the Queue back? I rent and buy tv series from Amazon and used the Queue to get them - 'queued' since Amazon does not offer this feature. I liked having my Podcasts and Amazon shows all in one place. Still like my Revue but it remains a bit less useful than it should. Hoping to see some love from +GoogleTV but am admittedly not very hopeful. Not sure I will be willing to buy another box (definitely not a whole TV) without seeing better support for the boxes I already own.
Was just looking at your dev page. "Learn how to optimize your website for the 10-foot user experience" do you really have a 120 inch tv?
Will the update allow for viewing of video from the Marketplace?
My Netflix stopped working. Will this latest version help bring it back?
+Brad Gogats do you have a link confirming this? All the news I found was that the 3.1 update was the last one ever and then Logitech will forget they ever made the revue. I have 2 of them and would love to see a 3.2 update. Especially to speed up chrome which crashes and is slow as hell for browsing. I boot up my laptop and load the same page before the revue even starts loading the page. and for the HLS which might enable hulu through plex
Yeah, I spent about 2 hours on the phone with Sony Tech Support. Went through everything possible and then they said send it in. I'm leery of that as I don't want a refurbished replacement. I'll wait and see what the update does, if anything. Thanks for your suggestions!
+Brad Gogats with no documented evidence of the revue getting an update ill remain took over a year to get 3.1 with it being "around the corner"...and sites everywhere reporting the revue was about to get an update...

+sArA mAys a working refurbished one will be better than a non working new one you currently have ;)
+Brad Gogats google told logitech they would get honeycomb shortly after release of the revue and logitech didnt get it till 1 year later....and then it took logitech over 3 months to release it for the revue...
when the director of dev relations for Google (not logitech) goes on the record on a press release saying that the revue is getting 3.2 no one will believe it because 1) its not coming from logitech 2) even if it was, we have proof already of how those updates are handled from logitech.
Google tv might get updated...the apps on the revue will get updated...the revue will probably not...

Its not about believing what i want. They have already proven what will happen with the revue. Logitech has publicly announced that its dropped the revue, its not making it and it wont be supporting future updates. Why in the world would Logitech spend money trying to update the revue to 3.2? and since when is the google dev relations in charge of what happens to the revue. The two are not related.
Tim Box
Not impressed Went to update Youtube for GTV and it tells me its not compatible with TV!
+Andrew Bone I think "10-foot user experience" is referring to the distance between you and the TV not the size of the TV.
+Brad Gogats i know its relevant for devs to know...but a google dev relations speaking out for logitech...too much.i just dont see logitech sticking with it...i can see the sony boxes getting the 3.2 update... i dont trust logitech for it though...they have a proven bad track record in the past couple of years...
I honestly hope you are right as it is greatly needed...although the gui is better with the 3.1 update, the whole experience has slowed crashes, netflix takes a while, hiccups here and needs some major bug fixing...3.2 might address those..
how about a youtube app update for Samsung smart tv? the current one is unusable
So how do you play video rentals from Google through GoogleTV Eh? Considering I've owned a Revue since the day it came out, and I have only opened the Youtube app twice, I'm going to keep wishing for SageTV integration...
Updating outside the US!!!
I am sure it will make a lot of users happier if the lucky ones with google tvs outside the US could also update to the latest and greatest versions of the built in apps (at least those).
It is very frustrating knowing there is great update out there, seeing it in the market, and not being able to update.

It is also frustrating that some great apps are not available - such as the google tv remote - outside the US. I have a xoom and can't install this app.

Do you have any plans for opening those ones (and more) for outside the US users? please say yes...
Tim Box
While I cannot update some basic apps I side loaded youtube which is really cool now and I can watch Netflix via the app as we have Netflix in the UK.
Shane - thanks for the tip - I will try and find the open source project and compile it myself. I will keep your offer in mind!
The new YouTube App is really nice, love the carousel. Does it support YouTube movies yet? What is the preferred way of discovering movies, TV + Movies App, or Android Market (No movies on the Google TV Version, please make it possible to buy Movies + Music from Google TV). What will be the preferred way of watching YouTube rentals, YouTube app or the Videos App?
I can't seem to update. my revue keeps telling me "update unsuccessful" I called logitech, they told me all revues are having this issue. i called google and they told me there is no update. wtf is going on here. i just wanna check out the same cool stuff everybody else gets to play with
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