*Friday Fan Spotlight* 

This week's Friday Fan Spotlight goes to Tim Davis! Find out how Tim uses his #GoogleTV

What is your favorite thing to do on Google TV?
"My favorite thing to do on Google TV is hitting the search key and typing in my query. I love the  integration with so many media sources! The ability to type in "HBO" is great! I don't have to remember the channel number." 

What tips and tricks would you like to share with our fans?
"In addition to the search items that I got out of the box, some of the applications that I downloaded extend the power of the search button. Make sure that you look under "System Settings" for the "Search" section. That's where you will be able to choose the applications that you want to appear in your search results." 

What else do you like to do on your Google TV?
I own two Google TVs! I use them almost every day. Not just for watching TV, but for paying our bills, reading interesting articles, updating my status on Google+, finding new recipes, playing games, and listening to music.  

Between my TV and phone, I almost never need to use a traditional computer anymore. Every once in a while, I find a site that is hard to view on my phone (like Bank of America.) That's when I'll use the Google TV, which has a more feature rich browser. I love the combination!"

Thanks Tim! Stay tuned for our next Friday Fan Spotlight next week! If you're interested in being featured please let us know. 
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