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Google TV hung out with 12 people.Wiktor Gworek, Jurek Foryciarz, Gary Frederick, Christopher Ruggles, Google TV Friends, Peter Stergion, Ant Pruitt, Teddy Rhoads, GTVBox, John Blossom, Kris Lacy, and Martin Iturbide
Google TV Hangout On Air Series: YouTube App Update
Google TV and 12 others participated
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Oh yeah, that is annoying - it would be great to choose an individual item from that screen
Feel free to post your questions here. -Kevin
I am receiving technical difficulties viewing your video. It just started. YouTube kicked me off the site where you video was and returned me to the home page.
+Charles Hogge might be technical issues with internet. Some people including myself got kicked but try refreshing page. -Kevin
Do you think there will be a separation of YouTube Live and Hangout On Air? Many others believe that they should be easier to find.
Some videos are getting blocked on the app. Why is there a distinction between the app version and the browser version when both are available on the platform?

From a user standpoint, I would be highly discouraged from using the app if I knew that I wouldn't be getting consistent results.
how do i get on the list?!
I've noticed that live You Tube events such as Jazz Fest are only available in the Chrome Browser on GoogleTV.

Will we eventually have the ability to watch live You Tube events using the You Tube Google TV app?
Will we be able to utilize devices like a Microsoft Kinect to allow us to join Hangouts from a Google TV?
Thanks everyone for attending! -Kevin
what was the dvr app mentioned that saves your place on youtube?
Great hangout. Thank you @Kevin for organizing it.
+Claudy Roman I'm the developer for that. It's actually a web app that is optimized for Google TV.
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