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Google TV . is hanging out with 3 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Kim Lachance Shandrow, Ant Pruitt, and Tony Havelka
Google TV Hangout On Air Series: Ameba TV
Google TV and 3 others are participating
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Feel free to post your questions/comments here. -Kevin
I am watching via 'on air' 

Question to follow up with Kevin's:  
1)  What kind of feedback is there to remove items where the content is questionable.

2) If I want customize my viewing, say I like just christian programming, or don't want my kids to watch Barnie.    Is there the ability to limit that and customize it to 'hide' those shows?
+Google TV thanks!, I am following but, is Ameba the brand for Google TV content just for kids?
But still how does it work? Sorry feel like an alien here, I haven´t seen one before?? =D
Is Ameba more than videos?
  kid oriented activities?
 +Google TV   Excuse me how does it work? how do you air the content, through Google? is the content loaded from a Google Site??
2. Do you feel kids from 2 to 12 are really engaged?
Excuse my ignorant questions! =D
Even though i think my hardheadz have out grown this content, this looks really cool.
big ups to AmebaTV
+Google TV one more please! What is your market entrance date for Mexico? Any plans/ partnerships? Content in Spanish in the future?, etc... =D
Thanks for the info about working with 3rd party developers.

any plans to let one subscription run on multiple devices?
Thanks everyone for tuning in! -Kevin
Good info, thanks to the Ameba folks for being with us.


Good format. Short and to the point. Thumbs up +Kevin Lau 
Now back to work...
I heard, I think it would be an incredible addition to Google TV (As well as Play Movies, AND Amazon Prime Instant).  :-)
and why did i think this was 3pm EST
Hey +Darren Nugent , I thought it was 3pm EST as well. I got lucky and happened to be on G+ at the time.
+Darren Nugent I am barely able to tell time, let alone figure out other time zones. I get the invite from +Google TV and click that I am going

and then it is in my calender with MY time zone. 
Thanks so much +Google TV for hosting a wonderful Hangout! We were glad to interact with so many people and answer some great questions. Good times! 
+Darren Nugent thanks for sharing! Stay tuned for the next time we do any giveaways. -Kevin
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