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Join us tomorrow at 11am PDT for a #GoogleTV Hangout On Air with our Fans! We will be talking about what you like to do on your Google TV. And if you can't make the event, we will have a recording made available later that day.
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I'm going to join in and hope that a Canadian date for Google TV will be mentioned.
Be nice if we could see a Media server option (Say SageTV w/ PVR options and then a $99 googleTV box and client apps for all Android devices) - will be attending if I can schedule..
+Trent Folan Seconded. I currently own a Logitech Revue, and though I enjoyed it more than my Apple TV, being a Canadian user, and having Logitech discontinue updates has hurt the experience some.
It would be nice if youtube subscriptions remembered what videos you watched and removed them from my subscription list when I am signed in - That way only the new videos that I have yet to watch would show up instead all the videos posted like it does now. Would love youtube subscriptions to work more like podcasts where once watched the videos would be hidden or removed from my subscribed channels.
+Thomas Ally Not unlike the "Watch Later" playlist also not purging content that has since been watched. I'm sure these things will come in time. I'd kill for better sharing features, personally. I'd rather just be able to share my videos with a G+ circle and be done with it. Much easier for myself and the low-tech family members. Just gotta be patient, I guess.
I love by Sony GTV, but it's been dumb as of late. Out of nowhere, my favorite channels decided to stop loading what's playing. Then there's the YouTube app. It won't play anything from my playlists or Watch Later. Leanback doesn't work either. I had to watch using the browser which seems pretty dumb to me. Please fix! Anyway, that being said, I doubt I could ever go back to a dumb TV after using my GTV.
If Google offered Amazon style TV, I'd definitely invest.
If Google TV could be accessed through the PS3, that would be friggin' amazing.
+Chad Lind I access my Revue as an overlay while I use my PS3. I don't know if other set top boxes are capable of this as well, though.
+Chad Lind Interesting, but given Sony's own efforts to provide rentals and and their own e-Stores, it's a little hard to swallow that they'd allow a competitors in.
Since Google wants to know how I use my Google tv - instead of hear me complain :) I use a program called Feedemon to download all my newest podcasts to Itunes. In Itunes I made a smart playlist for all my unplayed podcasts. I then use Plex for Google TV to play the smart playlist full of podcasts and as each one is played it gets removed from my playlist.

I also use my Sony Google TV for watching HD Over the Air tv as I love the picture on it as it is my first tv that is HD :)

Also I hooked up an LG BD670 bluray player to it and use that to stream stored shows from my hard drive hooked up to my router and love it.

I also love to watch Todd Cochrane on the Blueberry app and Techzilla on the Revision 3 app and twit tv on the twit tv app. I also am super excited about the Google TV Hackathon and hope good things come to us Google TV owners from it.
Can't join for the 'hangout', but I do got to say that Google TV is the best of its kind in the market, from my experience, but like what most people say it could use some updates. It does get annoying how I can't keep Pandora playing for a long time without it asking if I'm still listening; and if possible could you make it so that the Logitech Revenue will turn off completely to save energy.
Please support wireless mirror out feature from Android devices.
And the price must be lower than US 99.
The missing link in a modern day set-up box is that you ,with most of them, can't connect with your pc and stream your movies and music on your pc direct to your tv. Support for a wireless keyboard and mouse or touchpad is also a must so you can browse te web and check your email easily. Third-party apps should be also allowed .
Wish I could make the hangout, here are my thoughts...

Google TV needs to be rebranded as “Android TV”. Google engineers need to redesign it and release it at a later date, maybe running Key Lime Pie OS. Partner with a manufacturer and release a nexus TV box.
The Nexus TV box should include
- Hardware for cable cards (working with cable providers, can replace the existing cable boxes).
- Blu-ray disc player (replace DVD/Blu-ray players).
- Compatible with USB devises like keyboard, mouse, HDD. (Current competing smart tv peripherals are primitive and difficult to use.
- Access to Google PLAY with all media available in all countries, not just North America).

Google TV (soon to be Android TV) needs to become the standard hardware cable providers issue to customers. Talk to them see what the cable providers want.

Let me know what you all think.
musiXmatch Lyrics synced API for all hackers ! Huge prizes !
Sweet. I won't be able to attend either, but would like to see more apps integrated such as movies (to rent from the play store), Earth, Maps, and so on.
Dear Google,
Please buy somebody and get some more major content. I want to pay 15-20 bucks per month to one media outlet to get access to shows from the major networks and movie houses. If I want more premium content then I will rent movies around the 2-3 buck range though I don't want to do this more than 4 times per month max. I will never buy a $20.00 movie in digital format. Also if you could manage Live events you would do well. Sport events, News, Oh also don't make me buy a google TV thingy. If I subscribe it should play anywhere my devices are. So on my PC running a small VM or program to my phones, to my WD Live Hub device. Just do it and make it easy. Make it all IR remote compatible with Qwerty KB optional. H.264HD will work just fine for 95% of my viewing content.
Felix K
I would like to see a native video player app with more support for various codecs, similar to WD Live box.
The home screen should use its real estate better, you should be able to put shortcuts anywhere and not just the bottom of the screen. Also add folder support similar to the phone and tablet OS.
Would love to see the Google Play Store resemble the same appearance as the Android phone and tablets. The Play Store on GTV just seems dead--there is no life to it. I would also love to be able to watch my Play Movies from my phone/tablet onto my TV.
Can Google clarify if the Logitech Revue is an orphan product? I remember reading that Google would become responsible for firmware updates. But while Sony boxes received the firmware with improved video streaming, we Revue owners have not as far as I know. Could someone just clarify if Revue owners should expect to receive firmware updates and who is responsible for it after Logitech? Thank you.
I have been using Google t.v. in my office for some time now.Patients really like it as search can be extremely helpful.
You tube has been great.I could not be more pleased with Google t.v.
and look forward to the evolution of this remarkable and thoughtful device.
Logitech Revue is an awesome product finally got it to work to my liking. Only thing holding it back is Google Chrome and how slow it is.
am i missing something? i don't see the hangout link/button
Same here, glad it's not just me! LOL
Waiting as well. Nothing in the Hangouts tab for this either than I can see. Maybe it's a text-based hangout. =/
Make youtube app better, please include youtube movies in to "TV and movies" app.
I would like to be able to purchase digital copies of movies and TV shows. I currently do this on Amazon. They are stored in the cloud and played on any device. On Amazon, I was able to purchase (mid season) the first season of Once Upon A Time. As each new episode came out, I was charged for that episode (at a discounted rate because I agreed to purchase the whole season) and it appeared in my video library. YouTube currently only provides rentals (not purchases). Please add the ability to purchase content. People with a large family may not be able to watch movie/tv on the same night and DVR is a hassle to FF through commercials. I really enjoy GTV, but the software/Logitech Revue is kinda buggy (have to reboot about once per week). Also Amazon movies sometimes fail to play and we have to reload multiple times (not sure if that's Amazon or GTV's fault). Also, sometimes the screen goes black when Netflix tries to load (hitting a key seems to fix this). Look forward to the GTV evolution and refinements.
Newest honeycomb update hoorible crashes all the time. web pages always crash flash doesn't work. worst product i ever bought i guess they don't care about their customers.

Logitech Revue
Google should consider software update for Logitech review along with Sony devices.
Google should consider a pushing developers to use touch trackpad on google tv remotes, make navigating easier. (^_^)
Gotta add DVR functionality and, if not an ATSC tuner or 2 or 4... then the ablity to stream and capture to the cloud...from ATSC over Ethernet devices like the SiliconDust HD HomeRun. This would get you back the cord cutters you alienated in your choice of pandering to cable and sat users only to have them block you and spit in your face... Cable and Sat providers are liars and crooks... go with the free over the air broadband that gives you 19Mbps of one way free streaming from TV stations if you just put up an antenna.

Oh... and while you're at it how about some tools for Mobile Free DTV over tabs and phones... this is the future of free TV.
Google TV has amazing potential worldwide as a platform in companion accessories or TV sets. A major strength is standardization of a user interface and app platform that can be consistent across products. Compared to the endless diversity of asian Android media players Google TV offers a well thought out platform that allows apps to work across a wide range of devices and screen sizes. I hope vendors see the light and go for a joint platform instead of attempting to compete with lots of individual "Smart TV" web centric solutions. Making sure support gets added for DRM this can have live TV and VOD content providers join in. An eco system is needed where a critical mass of stakeholders find common ground and can end up as the most popular living room appliance :)
I really want to use Google TV, but I live in the Netherlands, and currently there isn't a possibility to get a system with Google TV. For what I have seen on Youtube, Google TV looks great!
It is possible to get Google TV products by importing them from the U.S. That can at least be useful for developers who want a device to test on. You will not have your usual TV channels fully integrated in the channel guides and so on but it is usually possible to use an existing TV set top box as input and be able to control channel selection using the Google TV remote. But as such a pioneer user there is little support or warranties, one need to be comfortable with trying out the products "at own risk" in that scenario.
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