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Just a reminder the 2.5 day #GoogleTV Hackathon begins TONIGHT at 7pm PDT. If you're in the area, join in on the festivities. We promise it will be better than a rerun of Seinfeld.
4/20 Friday #GoogleTV joint hackathon: Mountain View and London.

* One Sony TV for each of the three teams
* Two Google IO 2012 tickets for each of the three teams
* Cash prize for the "Silicon Android Developer's Choice"

* Friday: 7pm - 11pm Opening, Team Pitches
* Saturday:
- 10:00 am: Google TV UX, Christian Kurzke
- 10:45 am: Monetization on Google TV, Ossama Alami
- 11:30 am: Google TV on Google Play, Paul Saxman
- Hacking
* Sunday:
- Hacking
- 16:30: Presentation
- 19:00: Awards

More detail:

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to win those awesome prizes.
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We will also be hosting a hangout on air tomorrow morning at 8:30am PDT. Make sure to tune in for all the latest coverage and news. -Kevin
Is there somebody developing something to run xbmc on Google TV? that would save it...
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