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Now playing in a country near you (for real this time)

Starting November 13th, +Google Play music will now be available on your #GoogleTV in the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

We're sorry for an earlier post that said we're launching in more countries on 11/13, but stay tuned as we're bringing Google Play to more countries all the time. 

Play on friends. 
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Alex Burr
BOOOOO, why no love for Canada?
So I have to keep hacking Google Music to keep it working? You raised a lot of hopes today, then smashed them. It's approaching winter here in Canada, don't you think we are suffering enough? 


Please hurry! 
Can you comment on the reason for the slow role out? Is it getting licensing right in each country or is it a planned slow role out to make sure everything is working at scale? 
Darn I really want Google Music (the part where I upload to the cloud) I can wait longer for the downloading from the play store part (which I assume is what's making it take longer; copyrights and whatnot). Guess I'll have to keep waiting. I will say though, I often champion the Android system, as an owner since nexus one but frequently people tell me that it can't store all their music so they stick with a different brand. I hope shortly I can tell them that cloud music is here, rather than "coming soon".  
The longer you wait, the more you drive people that would like to use it further into the iTunes ecosystem. 

Just sayin :-) 
I really want +Google Music here in Indonesia, especially for buying my fav rock/punk/metal bands as my respect for 'em. As I respect developers by buying their apps and influence people to buying too.
Time to buy another Google TV for Black Friday...
(where's the Nexus Q?) 
"Now playing in a country near you " as long as that country is UK, Germany or France! ;-) (sorry, couldn't resist)
I'm sure our outdated CRTC is the primary cause for Canada's lack of +Google Play Music.  Same reason for the Netflix library being vastly unimpressive when compared to the US offering.
+Norman Haimes From what I have read it is the CRTC that's also holding back Google Voice. But if iTunes can be here, then Google Music should be ok as well. Blarg! 
ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! Thanks for the wrong announcement to Australia. GTFO out town google. I thought the day had finally come. 
+Karl Tuazon You know, it's not really up to Google when they get to go into these countries, it's up to the music and movie industries in those countries...
at first I was :D
then Canada dropped off the list.
+Christopher Best Yes I know that, I'm more disappointed at Google officially announcing it and getting everyone's hopes up.
Why is Microsoft able to announce a virtually international launch for their Xbox music service while Google is still getting their act together?
Nothing like giving the competition a leg up. If Google is unable to strike deals with local labels then they need either more, or better, negotiators. Someone should lose their job over this.
Damn got excited there! been waiting for Google music for years!
every Google user in Canada now weeps

including me
For those in other countries, you can only buy music currently if you have a credit card registered in one of the enabled countries but, if you just want to activate your music account, you can use tunnel bear. After activating, you can upload and stream music for free. 
Scott T
+Alex Burr My 2Cents, Canada is too open for pirates, so the studios are not allowing Google to be permit it. Same reasoning with TV/voice/etc. They seem to blame the CRTC and others, but it is the studios.
I used to work in music licensing, the Canadian music industry is 10 years behind the rest of the world (and always has been).  The labels just don't get it.  Not giving people a choice of where to buy music is what is driving piracy.  

The CRTC doesn't govern the music industry, but they do govern broadcasting and telecommunications.  The reason we don't have Google Voice (or skypein) has to do with their 911 regulations for location requirements. Again, they're 10 years (or more) behind the curve as well.
If Australia had Google Play Music then it would make Android the best ecosystem around. Australia has been historically one of greatest adopters of technology over the years and it's the missing link in making the Out of Box experience for Stock Android unbeatable. 
So what happened?  I'm waiting for an apology from the original post that had Canada in it... why was it removed and then omitted?  Even a "hey sorry, somebody goofed"
+Christopher Best I can appreciate that local copyright laws and publishers can affect local roll outs, but why can iTunes, spotify, rdio and Xbox music establish themselves in Australia, whilst Google cannot?
Well something needs to happen so Canada can get it. I will support whoever has the will &the skill to officially get it here. I have been watching Android grow over the years and i personally think if we had Google Music then it would be the best OS! 
+Scott Thistle I just don't buy that bent logic. The way to reduce piracy is to give people legal access to content at a reasonable price. If you don't give them access at all they have no option but to pirate.
Bad Bad News Google no Aussie experience here just have to stick with Itunes then:-(
And the rest of europe??? nothing as usual...
I just ordered a Nexus 4 for twice the regular price because LG sets outrageus prices in the areas where you can't buy directly from google...
(denmark here)
Tim Box
I hope its not device specific, I have a Costar in the UK but only the Sony device is sold here. 
Where is the rest of Europe!!!!????  This is BS!!!
Switzerland has one border with France and Germany but no Google Play Music :-( 
Its ridiculous. The only good service in Europe that works is torrents.
You'd better start integrating to Malta too. This country has a preference with Apple over Google since we don't have Google Play available and Apple actually allowed iTunes here which was a massive breakthrough for our country.
Looking over at the uk with all there are getting, very jealous. Hurry up with google play in Ireland!
Aargh, seriously Google, why so far behind itunes? They have a fantastic range of Music, movies & TV here in Oz, and your lack of effort really detracts from the Android experience
Come on Google... Aussies need some content! Give us some music!
Use Pandora. I am a massive fan of Google but personally Google music is just a slightly modified version of itunes. I stopped using it this year all together.
When will The Netherlands follow? Limited support for Google TV will also limit sales you know.
I'm waiting for almost a year now for the announced Samsung  Google TV, but it is still not here, now I bought a normal Samsung Smart TV, missed chance imho. For the next 3 to 6 years I won't be buying a new TV now, so I'm hoping that the expansion kits Samsung is launching next year will have Google TV.

Google TV is a nice product, but the timing is slow and you should do a better job on this +Google TV 
"Play on indeed, but only these guys. The rest, just go somewhere else is what it really means, or maybe you can wait a couple more years. You can still buy our devices with gimped services though."
Let's not forget how new Google music is in comparison to iTunes or Zune that have been around for 10 years+
I would love to know why you bother announcing these updates cause all you seem to do is annoy people with the slow roll out of your services
Google music upload is easy outside the us. Just login using an american vpn, when that's done you have access to upload and play your music via google music. I haven't tried purchasing music via google music yet, might be possible?
Ya I got Google Music already, but cant buy the Music
Some people are easily annoyed... Patience is a virtue 
No love for South Africa. sigh
So...Google Play Music will not arrived to Spain on November 13th?
Thanks a bunch Google. Just because of this I'll start considering buying a Surface instead of the Nexus 10 next week out of pure frustration. Get your act together and bring full Google Music, Voice Wallet to more countries, this is taking WAY to long. 
Canada was accidentally announced so I guess you Google will have more news regarding Google Music in Canada soon, right? Having it by the end of the year would be great!
I love how Google always ignores Canada even though we are right above the USA. So lame, so very very lame.
I'm in America and my google play store looks nothing like the above. Could it be the CoStar?
Thanks guys. Thanks +Google Canada. It's one thing to make us wait years to get any sort of parity with your US offerings. It's another thing altogether to pull the rug out from under our feet.
As many people have already said, it's not really Google's fault that we don't have Music and Voice in Canada yet. They have all the advantages in the world to make it available to us, literally no reason to hold it back.

The problem is they just can't yet.

The music/comm industry in Canada is completely retarded and they won't make deals with anybody other than themselves.

Same reason why we don't have all the online streaming goodies a lot of countries have (Pandora, Spotify, Hulu, laughable Netflix content...).

So yeah, I'm pissed we don't have access to all that, but instead of complaining to Google, maybe try and reach out to the shitty canadian industries instead.
+Cédric Tremblay you're right, they are retarded and it's complicated, but it is possible. Apple did it with iTunes Match, Google isn't a small company, they can do it. That's a matter of time (and money) I guess! ;)
+Cédric Tremblay totally agree. We need that on Android especially as buying music on Android in Canada totally suck. I never tough I would say this, ever, but I miss iTunes!
As +Benoit Pronovost said, we can use it but the main point is we can't buy music from it, even once we activated it. Also, there is probably only a small proportion of Canadian artists selling music on it.
And for those who say patience is a virtue :
Music : available in the US for a year (or even more?)
Voice : available since what, 2009 in the US?
Wallet : available for over a year in the US as well
I think we've been patient enough. 
Xbox music will be on Android before Google Music in Canada 
If there's something about Canada that's stopping Music and Voice from reaching here.... what can we do? Who do we petition?
Ireland is Google's European HQ and we get no love? :(
Whoa whoa whoa. No Canada yet again?! Raised hopes then crushing them, Google... 
It would have been better to not have been announced, then I wouldn't have been as pissed off.
Please bring Wallet and Music up to Canada, it's so hard to try and get my friends to switch over from iOS when there are such awesome features missing!
I agree with you Jace. I've been trying to convince all of the iOS users here at work to convert to Android, but when Google fails to bring the most basic services to us it's hard to convince people. To just keep saying "it's coming" is not a big push for people to switch.
Well that's just lovely. There aren't enough uses of the word "fuck" that can convey how disappointed and angry I am.
Not sure if they think we still live in igloos or they just hate Canada. 
Exactly which European country's will receive Google Music? Anyone knows? 
Question is why iTunes is available in Canada but not Google Play. It cannot be our policies or any licencing issues. must be Google!
To those who want to blame the CRTC, Canada's copyright laws, or some other scapegoat, you're just wrong. Apple sells music here, Microsoft sells music here, there's nothing preventing Google. Certainly there are different licensing regimes in different countries, but it's just a matter of sitting down and negotiating the right deals with the right organizations. It takes time and effort, but it's doable.

It seems pretty clear at this point that Google has not invested the same level of effort into getting this done as Apple or Microsoft. So it will take longer. Much, much longer, apparently.

I think that's an odd choice, since people are becoming more heavily invested in competing ecosystems with every passing day. But it is Google's choice to make.

As for announcing a roll-out that's not happening, that's just embarrassing. I'll choose to be positive and hope it means that a real announcement for Canada is coming soon.
Why is this not showing up in my Google TV? I have the Logitech Review
When will you come to Singapore? I will immediately go sign up the 1 gbps plan when you're here :)
How come Canada gets the cold shoulder, we your neighbors! Don't tell me it's the CRTC, those crooks!!!!
Stop using the word Europe pls. Europa has 40+ countries. You guys keep making this mistake! In my humble opinion this isn't serious to your users that are eagerly waiting quietly. 
Just two questions: Does it come with a monthly subscription, and can I select original voice also in Germany? Regards, dass ausländische guy
Its ridiculous that the only online music store we have access to in Canada is iTunes. I dont want to give Apple any more money. Why can't we have Amazon or Google music?
I had high hopes of buying my first track from Google next Tuesday but I guess +Google Canada has a strange sense of humour...
Finaly I will be able to visualise a happy dance.
Switzerland is always ignored by Google. Officially, not even YouTube exists here :-( 
Canada WHAT? We're off the list? Garbage. I was ecstatic that we were FINALLY getting it, and now THIS? I'm still hoping, but time to get a VPN going...
+Colton Walker It's a rights holders' issue, unfortunately. Media companies don't make this easy...
Hi +Google TV please bring the Google TV to India as soon as possible. You can partner with ISPs or DTH companies to offer this with integrated internet offering !!! 
Why this step-motherly treatment towards India? And I don't like the fact that content content will not be uniformly available across different national stores? Country-based customisation of content is totally acceptable but content restriction is not. In this digital age, why would content-creators place restrictions on access. I am in India, but I would love to watch good quality content from US, UK, Germany, France or Australia. It is lack of convenient access to reasonably priced content that drives consumers of movies, music and books towards pirated content.
+Soham Chatterjee +Daniel Johnson Bear in mind that the availability of media via Google Play in your country has nothing to do with Google and everything to do with media companies. The willingness of media companies to license content through a specific outlet is a right that they protect carefully and often they treat each country differently, depending on what their marketing goals are for that country.

So in spite of the fact that you may be willing to pay for content via Google Play the media companies may not be ready to sell it to you. Services like Google Play make these policies of media companies appear to be dated, though.
So I'm still forced to torrent :(
I was like doing F5 the whole night on for finaly NOT having it in Canada... Bhhoooo.
+John Blossom Yes, sadly. It must be a smaller issue, though, since Canada and Australia were both on the list up until the last minute. Hopefully that means that we'll be getting it soon!
Disappointing. Why not Canada?
+Colton Walker +Raji Khayo I don't know the details, but media licensing negotiations take time, unfortunately. Look at Google Play Music, for example - it took about a year for Warner Music to finally make their songs available through that service after most of the other major labels had joined in. It certainly doesn't make sense to me in a global economy, but the media business often doesn't make sense these days...
+Daniel Johnson Microsoft has had many years to negotiate those contracts. Google Music is not even two years old, so though to us that seems like a short time it takes a long time for media companies to wrestle these things to the ground with individual companies.
Is there any reason why there is rampant piracy for music and movies? not just in developing countries but also in developed countries - it is fueled due to policies by content providers (note: not necessarily content creators) that put up artificial barriers which drives up costs and makes it inconvenient to access content. Some people I know who regularly downloaded torrents say most of the peers are actually located in developed countries - it costs a fortune for people in developing countries to buy DVDs or rent online popular US/UK TV shows, movies and music, so they turn to pirated stuff - but why are people in west downloading pirated content as well? is it because of pricing, access policies of content companies?
I don't understand this country (Canada). I assume it is our beloved CRTC and lobbyists that causes such extreme delays or absolute failings in obtaining US entertainment content. Canadians don't even have a decent source to rent movies anymore. All the rental stores are gone, Netflix sucks here, all we have left is Shaw or Rogers "on demand". All of which are absolutely pathetic. Over 5 years ago I remember barriers existing for Canadians to access such content. I really hoped that a few years down the road things would start to open up and get better but it hasn't.

Could someone, anyone (who knows exactly what they are talking about) please explain to me these hurdles in getting content like Google Music and more movies/tv shows etc. to Canada. Because I don't get it. Preferably a response from Google would be great.
+Shawn Silsbe You're probably right. Lots of politics supported by local media interests in many instances around the world.
When will Google Play music and movie be available in Poland?
Once Google Play Music goes live I will be buying all my music from Google ( at least whats available ) and then saying goodbye to itunes.
So come on .. go live in Australia already!
Google, if you don't get your act together with Canada offering you will lose my music business to Microsoft when they come out. This constant delays is a joke and should be an embarrassment to Google.
+Clifford Dutka Agreed. I've been forced to buy through...ugh... iTunes...because Google hasn't gotten Google Music here yet. I blame the CRTC, but I don't really care anymore. C'mon, Google, get your act together. Strong-arm them! You definitely have the leverage.
Tired of waiting..signed up for Sony's unlimited music app.can only afford one..sorry Google.
now iTunes has just started offering music, movies (payable in Indian Rupees) in India - why is Google always playing catchup? By the time Google announces any new product, rival companies always capture mindshare of consumers. this is the key ingredient in gaining market share through network effect. such is the success of the ipad that consumers identify tablets with apple's product just like they identify google with search. Google seems to have forgotten this lesson.
"Why is Google always playing catch up?"  while I complained about this specific product your over generalization makes your statement not only false; however it also shows you as ill-informed, some of the greatest complains about iPhone 5 was how similar phones where released 6 - 9 months earlier. Also while we compare against other platforms you compare against iTunes which has massive faults such as only being able to sync form one computer. Please focus your comments because otherwise you just end up drowning out legitimate complaints with generalized noise that gets everything ignored.
+Clifford Dutka I completely agree with what you're saying. However, I think the point that +Soham Chatterjee was trying to make was that Google is "always playing catch-up" with its third-party ecosystem. On phones in the U.S., you're getting one of the best Android experiences you can get. On tablets, the OS is awesome but the app ecosystem is not great (although this is improving all the time). On devices in places like Canada (me), you're missing out on critical Google services - like music. We just got magazines (and movie purchases, previously we just had rentals), but music is what me and everyone else is waiting for. I want Google Ears, I want Google Cloud Music, I want the entire Google ecosystem including full Wallet support on my device.

Once Google gets their act together in this regard, almost nothing will be able to stop their expansion in countries other than the U.S.
+Colton Walker While I wouldn't disagree that Google was playing catch-up on apps in general, much of the issue remains the media companies' unwillingness to partner with Google early on with their copyrighted content. They saw Google as a threat to copyright because of their search engines and wanted to "punish" Google. Of course, they only wound up punishing themselves. 
+Michael Kachor Not a matter of hate, a matter of copyright laws. Canada is a tough nut to crack for content distribution for U.S.-sourced media.
Please bring to Canada. I want to stop buying music on iTunes! 
Sad but probably true, John. Still I wish Google try harder. 
I love Google, but the constant neglect of the Australian market place means that when a viable alternative comes out, I will commit to that. I don't mind a small delay in rollout, but this is ridiculous. If you can't join 'em, beat 'em.
Somebody crack Canada's nuts! :-) I literally have my credit card right here in my hand and I want to buy music... but Canada won't let me. I don't blame Google for this but I am getting pretty frustrated now... why is it okay for Apple iTunes to sell music online and not for Google?! That is the part that frustrates me.
Its actually shocking - the ratio of people in Canada who are demanding Google Music to other countries (on this page) is ridiculously high. Look at the amount of +1s on the first post!!! 104 of them, all for Canada. Every 5 posts or so, theres a mention of GMusic in Canada.

With all this pressure, its even more shocking that Google hasn't been able to place an equivalent amount of pressure on the Canadian government and the records to get their service down here. Objectively, it seems that Canada should be their #1 priority.

Wasn't it just last year that it came out that Canada was the #1 nation in Tablet computer adoption? We like new tech, we like new services. BRING US GOOGLE MUSIC!
+John Blossom I think I may do just that...its getting to the point that's its tiresome. Probably the best chance for a solution!
Thanks +Ron Turchyniak, I will contact them.  Actually shouldn't we be contacting the rights holders directly?! Wouldn't that be more effective than lobbying our MP's/CRTC? Since the CRTC really exists as a means of protecting Canadian media interests, then I have my doubts that the CRTC would be in favor of implementing any kind of change that would relinquish any level of control from the Canadian rights holders in favor of the consumer in this respect.  I could be mistaken though, I'm not an entertainment lawyer, I'm just wondering.
+Patricio Munoz Contacting rights holders can also help, but since they want to play the game by their own rules, they need encouragement from both sides - consumer and political - to make changes.
Thanks +John Blossom  If anybody can share with me the contact information of any of the key rights holders here in Canada, I will also contact them! :-)
+Ryan Moore Hey LU Grad ! Perhaps Google made the mistake on purpose ! Try to purchase a Nexus 4 and they are sold out....HYPING is a common technique to keep consumers drooling ! Perhaps that was the goal!
I'm forced to download my music through 7digital, I have such a clunky doctored workaround to automatically get my music over to Google Music. :-/  But ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
Hey +Ron Turchyniak, No reason really, I didn't find an amazon app when I searched on the Google Play store, 7digital popped up, the app is clean/functional, I saw songs that I was looking for so I signed up, prices are reasonable.  The app is actually decent, but I would rather use the Google Play store instead, but until then it's holding me over.  I haven't tried Grooveshark.  I'll try it out.
Anyone tried buying one of the google tv devices (NSZ-GS7 for example) then bringing it to a country where it's not launched? (ie. Norway) - does it stop working? I'm mainly interested in browsing, youtube and plex capabilites and couldn't care less about the crappy user hostile TV apps from Hulu, HBO, BBC and others....

Why is there no Spotify on this thing, it would make it the best device ever.
Norman Haimes: Actually CRTC has nothing to do with content delivered by any of these digital services as they do not control the distribution of content through wire carriers (or internet). I think you've been drinking the conservative kool-aide. Licensing bodies with competing interests are the primary problem, a point that Netflix has come out and directly stated.
Still nothing for Canada? Vat is zis...
I hate that iTunes exists and Google Play Music does not.
Ugh this is so stupid!! it should be in Canada already!!
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