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App of the Week: Eurochannel

Enjoy the latest European films, TV shows, and music with Eurochannel on #GoogleTV

Read the blog post here:

Note When you download Eurochannel, use the promo code: euro for a free 30 day trial.
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Can you please explain to me why Hulu Plus is on XBox, PS3, Apple TV, Roku, Android phones, Android Tablets, but is NOT on Google TV????
+Harry Evangelou If you watch some of the hangouts with +Google TV Developers you will understand that it is not Google who is blocking Hulu, but it is the other way around. Contact Hulu support and let them know that you want it on your Google TV
But why are they blocking it?? Why can't Google and Hulu get together and sort out the issues?? BTW, I have in fact let Hulu know that I would like Hulu+ on my Google TV... a year ago... six months ago... and again last week... but nothing changes. 
+Harry Evangelou That is a question left for hulu as I have no idea why they want to keep blocking google tv users like they are. If you really want to watch hulu and can't wait for hulu to give google tv the ok you should check in to or plex as both programs will allow you to watch hulu on your google tv.
who is a partner in Hulu (ABC/Disney), who has a large set of Disney stock (Steve Jobs did/now his estate does) so hmm maybe things will change now, but I wouldn't hold your breath on Hulu changing their mind. just use plex like others said.
most applications are only available in the USA! Google TV is not fun :-(
Tim Box
What is the point of promoting a Euro TV app that cannot be used on a Google TV in Europe?
You drive me mad with this, always promoting stuff that does not work in Europe. How about a simple thing like original language versions of films in the play store !!!!!!!!
I've been in a mall today searching for a Google TV box or something similar and theres nothing like it (apart from Apple TV). So when will any "Google TV" device arrive to Spain? I want it for Xmas! Please!
It is a pity that most of the useful apps for Google TV (I own a Sony Google TV box) are not available for european users - I hope this will change some day... even though I can use most of the german (and austrian) streams via Chrome it would be a relief to get at least some of the functionality which obviously is available for US users - otherwise I am afraid their will never be a solid customer base here in Europe...
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