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Google TV hung out.
Google TV was in a video call
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Don't see a way to join, bummer.
Can you talk closer to the MIC
Only NINE can join a On Air Hangout - per the help file.
Don't think we'll be able to join, just listen and post comments here
Apple TV is a hobby and yet it's 1 - accessible around the world & 2 - cheap and efficient. What is Google doing to exceed what Apple was able to with little effort?
+Tony Busko I'm watching it from my own shared post, but that shouldn't make a difference.
+Christian Kurzke okay, cool. Took me a minute to figure that out, but makes ense I guess.
Any idea if/when Hulu Plus will be available on GTV?
what about HULU plus? why are the devices so limited and it seems only on HTC devices
Along the same lines as the HULU question. What is the prospect of having content providers like NBC, ABC, etc and having access to their Website's content? Like Full Episodes.
Along with Hulu+, what about a dedicated app for renting movies from the Play Store?
1- Any new remote app for Android that mirror whatever on tv?
2- Why can't I type with Arabic Keyboard using the remote app in my phone?
3- We would like to see special app to transfer videos, pictures, files between android phone and Google TV.
Why are you using Apple Computers? - PS, love my GTV!
Tim Box
I managed to side load Play but its a pain that I had to go that way as I'm UK based. I hope the it will come to the UK soon..
What are some of the major hardware differences that next generation TVs will have over the first batch like the Sony NSX-46GT1?
Are we going to See ICS update on Sony box GTV?
Tim Box
Please move the mike, I can hardly hear some of the answers
hopefully it wont be so difficult to find you guys next hangout
Sorry if this has already been asked, when will we see more of the Google Apps available on Google TV?
Are you guys going to release Chrome as an independent app like on a phone/tablet so that it gets more recent updates?
One more from me: Any plans for implementing something like DLNA or a similar app/functionality that allows streaming local media on a laptop to a Google TV device?
Hey Guys, what are you most excited about in 2012 for Google TV?
Android 4.0 on current GTV devices??
Thanks for the Q&A session!
Thanks! Longer next time, please.
Great idea....Didn't feel much was gained though. Seems audio could have been better, more information.
I would love to see you all work with XBMC to create the ultimate media center application. Plex is ok, but XBMC is fantastic.
can you guys post a list of the questions that were asked here?
Where can we find the video playback of the hangout??
I tried to watch the master streaming online and my browser kept crashing. Finally content is available, but I couldnt watch it. You GOTTA get that fixed.
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