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Google TV
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Google TV

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Rather then let the community die here, and have it deleted, the owner of the community has allowed me to become a manager since like most of you already know Google TV's are being phased out with newer models - aka - Android TV's

I really did not expect this, so bear with me, as I am learning the ropes here.  

Rather then let the community die, I have been posting that there is a Google TV community where we help each other out at

 Hopefully those that did not know about it or missed my previous posts as a user here that need help, ask there if you can.

We are basically a community of people helping out others when we can and if we can't help then maybe your questions have already been asked before.

I have no inside information on what models are supposed to get the update that  has been hinted at elsewhere by others, so no use asking, but feel free to speculate.

Also, I plan on trying to clean up the community as well, to remove some areas, if I can that are more trouble then their worth, and do some spring cleaning, if I can, as I sort of stepped up to the plate to save what we have here ,until the place is no longer needed ,or no longer gets the traffic it has been getting.

I'll post my plans in that community in a few days once I hammer out all the details, and hopefully those that can help out, help out those new folks that decide to join after seeing this post.

Google TV Community
Discover, access, and engage with all your favorite TV content. Access endless entertainment from TV, apps, and the web on Google Android TV
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Google TV

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Our Google TV Fans Speak Out

Want to hear what some of our fans are saying about #GoogleTV? Check out this video on your Google TV. 
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Its criminal that you drop support for Google TV! A lot of people that good hard earned money on your product only to be discarded after the initial launch. YouTube producers should be shot on their app production. Repeat YouTube developers should be shot! look at your reviews! people would put less than one star if they could. Please fix it, again please fix it! You had it better before why did you ruin it?
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Google TV

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Introducing Your Google TV Ambassador Leads

We're happy to share that +Derek Ross and +John Blossom have been selected to be our #GoogleTV Ambassador Leads. They have both proven to be very knowledgeable about Google TV and have a passion for helping our fans.

Starting this week, they will be managing our Google TV Communities page and the #GoogleTVAmbassadors  program.

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Google TV

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Just Another Day At CES 

Check out the latest video from #YouTube  Star +Felicia Day as she demos the new YouTube feature update on an +LG USA  #GoogleTV  straight from #2013CES .
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Oh haha! It's not #ces2014 its just been a year since gtv has tweeted!
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Google TV

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New Google TV devices straight from CES

+1 this post if you're watching all the latest coverage from CES this week. In case you can't be there live, no worries. We got you covered.

Here's a first look at the latest #GoogleTV devices debuting in Vegas including the +ASUS Qube, +Hisense USA TV, +NETGEAR NeoTV Prime, and the TCL MoVo.
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Google TV

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Fill in the blank:

My favorite movie that I watched on my #GoogleTV  in 2012 was ______.
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Google TV

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Dear Google TV followers:

Android 5.0, Lollipop and Android TV are now fully launched. Soon, you can expect an exciting lineup of Android TV devices, including TVs from Sony, Sharp, and Philips, as well as other set-top and over-the-top boxes.

Existing Google TV devices and all of the features of these devices will continue to work, but we won't be making updates to the product—and that means we won't be posting on this page any more, either. (We recommend you follow +Android for the latest.)

Thanks for your support for Google TV and learn more about Android TV at!
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Sony is a disaster - great hardware that never are updated. Do not buy Sony equipment!
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Google TV

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Join the conversation

We created our Google TV G+ page as a place for our fans to gather, meet one another and ask/answer questions. Now with the launch of +Google+ Communities, members can now start their own conversations, hangout, and plan local events with each other. A place for the community, by the community.

Starting today, we’ll be funneling all our discussions from our main G+ Page to our Google TV Communities Page. Our Ambassadors will also take a more active role in helping answer questions and providing tips to help you get the most out of your Google TV. 

Click here to join the community page now: 
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I love googlr tv very much
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Google TV

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X-Men Stop Motion

Did you love watching the X-Men cartoon series from the 90's?

Well then, relive the epic battles between Professor X and Magneto in stop motion...?

Watch it on your #GoogleTV
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+Timoha Brednev привет, русский!
 ·  Translate
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Google TV

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When Disney and Star Wars Meet

+1 this post if you're excited to see new Star Wars movies in the next few years. If Disney made the original trilogy, here's what it might look like.

Check it out on your #GoogleTV .
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I seriously couldn't finish this. #shudder  
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Google TV

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Sweeps Alert

For those in the US, our friends at +Sony are giving away a Sony #GoogleTV player.

Get the lowdown here:
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How I can upgrade my Sony Google TV box. I can only use YouTube but can't use google anymore?
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Google TV

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Bringing more entertainment to your TV, Las Vegas style

If you're in Vegas next week, join us at CES as we showcase new #GoogleTV  devices from +ASUS +Hisense USA and TCL and new apps to help you enjoy more of your favorite content including Amazon Instant Video, Sirius XM, France24 and +DramaFever.

See you in Vegas
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What happened to "SiriusXm" audio book channel 80.  With all the visually impaired and the handicapped listeners available you would thank that a market would be available for an "Audio Book Channel" that use to be available through Satellite Radio SiriusXm Radio.  I use to listen to the channel they had available for almost 10 years only to be replace by a channel called "Rural Radio" and I do miss my audio books.  I really am not to concerned about the price sow bellies, corn, wheat, or hog futures, or cattle futures or the Kansas City, or Chicago futures market especially when it usurps my audio book radio channel I know these things every time I go to the grocery store. I have stopped listening for the last year or so and now they have the gall to suggest I renew my subscription and in lieu of the fact that my signal and radio have been unavailable for the last year.  I just figured my subscription had run out but now they tell me it is in force until August of this year.  So what happened over the last year and why did I get a message that the signal was not available or something to that effect.
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