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Googlen +Jussi Luhtasela n esitys "Kuinka tehdää rahaa appseilla" ja muut hyvät koosteet +Android Aalto n sivuilla.
Just published the slides from our last two events: "Native vs Web" and "Monetizing apps".
We can't thank enough to all the speakers that made it possible:
+Kimmo Koivisto (Tellyo)
+Jussi Luhtasela (+Google Suomi)
+Janne Toivola and +Antti Vuorela (+Futurice)
+Perttu Ojansuu (+Gapps Oy)
+Josep Roca (+Android Aalto)
+Ramon Sadornil Rivera (+Android Aalto)
“Monetizing apps” and “Native vs Web” presentations. Last Saturday our speakers showed us what we can do to monetize mobile applications, business models and how to use Analytics tools to better under...
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