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I will be finish with my undergrad this May 13, is there a way of knowing what internship positions are open in the US or in Korea?
Mahalo Google. I checked the students page and the BOLD internship is currently close. Is there a way I could still apply for the following term now? P.S. I have sent my resume and cover letter mentioning I am open for an internship and a full time position.
If there is any new information please feel free to email me.
Mahalo again,

Jeffrey Aurelio
Hi +Jeffrey Aurelio - You won't be able to apply for BOLD 2013 until the application opens up again later this year or early next year. Keep an eye out on the student jobs site!
Thank you Google. May I ask who i am talking to how you became part of Google? thank you again
Hi again +Jeffrey Aurelio - My name is +Jessica Safir and I joined Google a few months after I graduated from college in 2010. I applied to a couple of roles that were posted online and was also referred by a Googler who I had worked with at a previous job.
Hello +Jessica Safir. Mahalo for replying back to me. If possible, may I ask what was or were your majors in college? Sorry for asking about it, but I was wondering if an Economic and Linguistic double major with an International Relation student would fit in with the eyes of Google. Again sorry for asking.
Much Mahalo
I studied Business Administration, but my coworkers come from a variety of backgrounds: Art, History, Religious Studies, etc. We look at more than a student's major when they're applying. Feel free to message me if you have more questions!
I am happy to hear that since I am more interested in networking with international companies and countries. How do you like working with Google so far?
That is good. I hope I get an opportunity to be part of Google. By the way, what is your position in Google?
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