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"A permanent initiative, TED-Ed harnesses the talent of the world's best teachers and visualizers, extending great lessons beyond a single classroom to anyone with internet access.

In the first stage of this initiative, TED-Ed launches a new education channel on YouTube today. It offers up original video content that marries the talent of great teachers with top animators to bring concepts like neuroscience to life in in short videos, typically 5 minutes long. The channel is part of the offering – a collection of half a million educational videos – available in many schools as well as to the public online."
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Another exciting example of using the power of the internet to teach - kudos to TED-Ed and Khan Academy for changing things up.
Yes! Thank you Google Students for continuing to aid me in my quest for education!
"What would happen if we could capture that lesson?"

Probably other "educators" would lost their jobs...
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I am looking for a paid internship related to my majors (Graphic Design and Communications in Advertising)
What do you recommend? I want to travel out of the United States, open to any options.
Uber-sweet! Quantum Mechanics here I come!
You will find some amazing lectures!
what a great tool! In the beginning I thought it's an add for MAC :) but then I realized it's better :) :-) sorry Mac no offense
Thank you so much! What is an animation program you would recomend?
Have you guys tried the Academic Earth website? Heaps better imo; some generous lecturers have filmed whole courses, which you could follow with a book (or internet searches I guess..) of your choice.
Real characters like Walter Lewin and Gilbert Strang!
wow, it's a great idea. sharing is the most enjoyment.
Jay Tee
Wished this was available years ago......
Awesome I love watching the Ted talks 
Let the students/audience rate which lessons are most helpful...(quality defined from bottom-up rather than top-down)
They should also put the language used in the video is in in the title.
Create a superstructure on-line for teachers/innovators to insert their lesson videos. Students viewers ensure the best videos rise to the top through sharing.
Hmmm. Free education is a good thing but what about certification? Would people want credits that could transfer? I've seen skill training offered at work and people often want something to show for the time they put in. 
Jay Tee
Btw....adding subtitles would be helpful.
+David Crumpton What is more important? Understanding and truly internalizing the knowledge? Or having a piece of paper saying you completed something per some benign standard set by yet another organization so you can brag to an HR department about your accomplishments? If you want a piece of paper, read lots of books and take lots of tests; if you want to learn, expose yourself to as many sources of knowledge as possible.
Jim A
Too bad knowledge is not the same as wisdom.
... And wisdom is not the same as enlightenment.
I really love TED. I learn a lot from various persons.
I really like watching the video clips on TED!
+Clinton Carucci I am optimistic about human learning. I see people enjoy books and magazines at the bookstore, plenty of Dummies and Idiots guides, and lots of instructional videos and learning channels like Discovery. People spend a lot of time enriching their lives with knowledge but there may come a point when they want or need something to show the time they've invested to someone else. I just think when choosing to use the many free online sources of education that some goal will be in the back of many people's minds.
It seems times demand longevity of childhood or time needs to be slowed down for kids now like age 5 to age 15 should be like 50 years or something cos their is soo much to learn and experience. How does one expect kids to learn dance, music, studies, watch TED videos, learn kung fu, play with toys, sports, sooo much. Even if it done matrix style like Neo, one needs to enjoy and for that right environment and time is needed. I don't know something about soo many TED videos confuses me.
Thanks for the info, most useful.
Youtube rocks and so does Ted. I can't wait to see Youtube turn into a full fledged social network with people connecting to each others and sharing youtube videos on Youtube instead of off-Youtube
Never mind what it can do for children; think what it can do for us wrinklies !
This will be just like James Bond's portable helicopter in brief case !!!!!!
I am an Animator, I have a 6 years experience in e-learning field :)
Thanks for your efforts and I hope to benefit participants in the Google
i be on man i am just a kid why should i be on here
This series of youtube lessons could engage and inspire many people out there. Knowledge is power. Power to the people.
Try Indian iit online lectures, are more extensive than mit ocw.
True Rishikesh D but the problem is they are not properly communicated, in the sense, the right channels.
This looks fantastic! The future of education shines brighter with every passing moment and technological advance made use of ! :D it's so wonderful to see this, Kahn Academy, and Udacity all pushing forward!
From an 19 year old kid in Denmark! THANKS! I believe that knowledge is free, and should be easily shared with the rest of the world. Thanks for taking this step!
Are you all having edu battles with Apple?
I always watch TED videos. ready to be educated!!!
lol im a 8 year old why would you send me this notificatoin
beautiful idea, is any one looking into the volumes med. stud need to read. about certification, when we get to that bridge, we'll cross. i love it, some minds are still thinking of others n how to influence the world. keep it up!
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