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Have you checked out the 34-button scientific calculator that's been integrated into Google Search? Try searching for [calculator] or [2+2] to see it in action! More great news: it also works in mobile browsers and with desktop voice search. We've had some fun with this already. Check out our favorite "calculation" below ;)
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and i thought i was upside
nice - but what isn't nice are all these comments without bigger thought with bad grammar- thx, but I'm gonna unfollow, thanks for boobie..
This is nice. Open Robotics University will explore how to integrate this into Java voice programming being developed by Open Robotics University research project (JAVA Integrated Development Environment).  Join our school if you want to study cutting edge projects. Study for robotics degree is free of charge. Here is the link:
Coll, what should I do if wanted to access standard calculator not the scientific one.
how comes how possible this.....?¿
Is it made to be upside down ?Cool design!!!
ya it's nice but why did you make calculator inverse
for small calculations, quick it's fine
But i prefer my graphic casio calculator instead
Maybe not so fancy, but still powerful
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