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Interested in Google's Associate Product Manager Program?

The Associate Product Manager Program ( is an elite two-year rotational program, consisting of two one-year rotations, designed for top recent computer science graduates who are interested in exploring product development and leadership opportunities. The position is based in Mountain View, CA or New York, NY.

Fast forward to 29:06 in the video below (or click here to learn about the APM Program from our VP of Local, Maps, and Local Services, +Marissa Mayer.
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Does the program accept recent graduates with an Economics degree?
Does this program provide visa sponsorship or it requires ability to work on OPT as it is for Google ITRP?
I dont know if I qualify, I only have a masters in quantum physics hehehe!
I qualify and I dropped out of hs!
Then you are truly smart! You escaped the propoganda farm with your mind, kendrick!
I hate to bring this up, but she is clearly stating one requirement. " YOU MUST BE THIS BIG !!!!"
+Google Students, YES I will be applying shortly! I've known about the program for some time and am in my final semester now, so I'm avidly reading and watching everything I can to do with the program and Google in general.

A very interesting interview. I watched the whole thing and a lot of what +Marissa Mayer talked about was very relevant to me directly. For example, I was considering applying to management and strategy consulting firms as another option (fallback, in my case) but it makes a lot more sense to try to get first-hand experience before trying to tell other businesses how to do things.

Thank you very much, more please! :)
This would have been such a great program back when I was getting out of business school. It's great that Google has established such a program.
Through the Google Jobs site--see link in the OP.
Marissa - please give me the opportunity to learn and work with you, your staff. You are so well spoken and intelligent. I would love to PLEASE have the opportunity to work with you, your staff. I want to go through the classes, master  everything that is suggested to learn, perform. I am a 57 year old millennial wanna be...and am ready to go the mile. I am a product manager in a software development company startup, have a degree in Biology, Medical Technology; architecture in defining specifications, coding and delivery of applications. I'm willing to do this without pay, without credits toward a degree. I just want the experience and the ability to contribute.
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