For #BHM, #Google is celebrating young leaders making a difference in their communities. Today's leaders are Olamide Olowe and Rechelle Dennis, 21-year-old student athletes, serial entrepreneurs, and college seniors at UCLA.

Olamide, from El Paso, TX, studies Political Science with a concentration in Race, Ethnicity, and Politics and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Rechelle, from Dix Hills, New York, is studying Political Science with a concentration in International Relations.

Olamide and Rechelle launched, a digital media company that aims to showcase confident and successful people of color. The Serve Your Truth platform interviews people of color around the world on the way they experience beauty. Olamide and Rechelle noted that the beauty conversation often excludes people of color, so they wanted to create their own conversation and rewrite the beauty narrative, one story at a time.

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