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Tune in to our Hangout on Air on our page at Wednesday May 9th 3-4pm Sydney EST to hear from 3 Google Student Ambassadors share how they use Google Apps from a university student's perspective. We'll have +Tim Lacey, +Shane O'Connell, and +Mark Jambas from +Monash University, +The University of Auckland, and +Griffith University share how they use Google Apps for school, work, and fun!

+ANZ Student Ambassadors +Google Students

To learn more about our Student Ambassador program in Australia/New Zealand, check out:
Google Student Ambassador Program. The Google Student Ambassador Program is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between Google and their universities. These ambassadors: Learn about innovat...
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Dear +Google Students Can you please tell me how to get invited? I have been to several Google Technology user group meetings. I know our university system has an ambassadors for 2011-2012, but I want to become one as well. Please let me know. How can I get invited? Should I approach a Googler in my local area?
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