Google European Android Camp 2015 has kicked off in London! We have a week full of activities, which started with a welcome reception on Sunday to give our Campers a chance to get to know one another. 

You can get to know our Campers throughout the week as well. We’ll be sharing their first-hand stories each day to give you a glimpse into some of the exciting events happening here on the ground.

After seven hours of travel from Austria to London, finally the adventure called Android Camp 2015 has begun! I was really curious about all the other girls joining the camp and met my roommate first. It's absolutely amazing how much similarities there can be between two people that have never met before. An example? We were both planning holidays in London for nearly the same time before we knew that we would join Android Camp! The first evening was really funny absolutely nothing to be anxious or nervous about. There were introductions to the team and a lot of new people to get to know, absolutely delicious food and also quite a big surprise for all of us! 
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