In our last video, Jaime talked about how we design our vehicle hardware to withstand the stresses of driving, including the vibrations and shock profiles that come with moving on uneven roads. To keep improving on our hardware’s performance under such conditions, we run rigorous simulations and tests based on data from real-world experiences.

Here are some photos of the team with a vehicle — you might call it a prototype of our prototype — that was driven over different surfaces to measure the typical forces and movements experienced throughout. This makes up some of the information that goes into our simulations and ultimately helps us refine our hardware design.
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Any chance you guys want to upload orthographic views of that frame? I'm sure there are others like me that would like to see if they can experiment with exterior designs for the next revision. Maybe you could have a design competition even :-)
Sure the happy puppy was nice, but I have cats so I was thinking of incorporating whiskers. I'm kidding of course, I think it would be a fun way to raise support for the Self Driving Car project. Following Local Motors' progress has shown there is a lot of talent out there, and Google always has had a thing for open source. Why not open source the car design ;-)
Why not use something like the Bose suspension system?
I want look at that up close. I am interested in the suspension especially.
I'd be awesome to see a video of how the vehicle overcomes the bumps.
Il veicolo riesce a vedere ed evitare le buche stradali?
Come si comporta  in assenza o carenza di segnaletica stradale?
will you open-source it in the end so that everyone can build a car like that to make our roads safer and people more mobile?
I wonder if in 20 years, people will look at cars without the LIDAR-bump with suspicion and dread as they know that these are piloted by these unreliable humans which reminds them of thousands of people killed, tens of thousends injured and millions of cash wasted. "Stay clear of those, my children!"
If I understand correctly, the vehicle is designed to be driven only by the onboard computer. 
What happens if this fails? 
I have to call the tow truck?
I thought of pedestrians being scared of human-piloted cars :)
Maybe Google will license their tech to big-motor comps / open source it altogether. Additionally, aftermarket add-on auto-pilots are already announced!
+Vito Pipitone They would send another car to pick you up. These cars would likely operate similarly to zipcar.
Have you thought about how you would handle a sinkhole or a collapsed bridge or water-covered roads resulting from flash-floods? Detecting sinkholes and collapsed bridges should be easy since you are already judging the grade for bumps but flash-floods may be more difficult.
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