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Awesome Ted Talk by Harald Haas: Wireless data from every light bulb

Find out how a lightbulb can use a mathematical trick to pass on a wireless signal. It could potentially put an end to the potentially harmful electromagnetic pollution emitted by wireless internet routers and has raised the prospect of ubiquitous wireless access, transmitted through streetlights.

Call it smart.
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i imagine it to be quite difficult to always have such a sensor visible. you could not put your phone in your pocket for example.
How do I ask a question to Google Science Fair?
Could a phone or computer send data both ways through LiFi? Would a computer need it's own LED light to upload a YouTube video? Where would the receiver be for that? I am intrigued by this idea, and hope questions like these are answered soon.
+Thorben Groth you could use RF to signal your phone that a call is coming in and switch to light when transmitting data. The same way your phone switches from 2g to 3g as required
Interesting concept. Hopefully it has wider applications than previous attempts at it. I would also imagine getting the signal to the lighbulb will still require a substantial number of 'radiowave' devices.
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