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Your brain can like certain music even when you don't?
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The rhythmic combination of tones vocal or instumental,it´s science and art.
My brain will never like country music!
I've heard good country music, keep that dome open Daniel.
pop music is awesome. but not the pop music by justin bieber.
That was stunning. The body would still get the benefits of the brains reaction without an emotional response. We should play more music on our streets. Thank you for posting this.
i hav been in 1 of those 2! It was scary at first, but then i fell asleep.
not being dead, fainted, or asleep? idk...
This is great! Thanks for sharing.
I wonder what his reaction would show if he was listening to Rock and Roll.
As someone with Synesthesia, I find music a very integral and calming part of my life.
Classical is always on in the mornings and nature sounds at night, except for those nights, when radio blows your mind.
I do love Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Dvorak for their complexity. But rockin to Pearl Jam, Fugazi and Sonic Youth also have an amazing effect.
I was waiting for... "... aaand this is your brain on dubstep"
There is constant energy all around us, that vibrates to different elements, this is amazing because all particles respond.
Music, Colour, Visual, Art and Space
The conclusion is confusing.
Does my brain like Atreyu? I hope so. Because then I can get an excuse to listen to metal by saying it soothes me.
if my brain likes Coldplay it is coming out.. that is all.
The voice over / narrator Google hires for their videos is amazing
Greg B
They say we use only a portion of the brain. Interesting that we're not aware of what or brain is sensing.
5 vomit into it and ask yourself "why did I just do that?"
hey everybody im going to murder andrew in 3 seconds 1 2 3 ~andrew AAAAAAAAHHHHAHHHAHAHAAAAAAAA X.X
yeah, but the scale is from left to right; try it with the scale reversed and see what happens. . . eh? anybody?
control that variable and this experiment will hold more credibility as far as consistency is concerned
i dream music. . . all the time, and i know i am not alone
google do always best and now through it i from today think my brain is more intelligent than me
I'm not a scientist, nor a neurologist. But it just doesn't seem right to me that brain activity is directly linked to "liking".
+Mike Zoleski yes ;D there are some really good documentaries about the use of symbols to over ride our innate spiritualism, within contemporary advertising! if you find any please post :D cheers
Leo Sam
I recall some melodies in my night dreams, when I cannot recall them normally.
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