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Trees shrouded in ghostly cocoons line the edges of a submerged farm field in the Pakistani village of Sindh, where 2010's massive floods drove millions of spiders and possibly other insects into the trees to spin their webs.

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I bet that did wonders for the mosquito population.
I'd like to catch a fly and throw it in just to see what happens.
i wana see what they look like, imagine that they are not big at all
this happened at my high school!! but not on such a large tree... we would get caterpillars everywhere it was very scary.. especially when you find them in unexpected places
If I ever parachuted into a tree like this... just ergh, can't express the discomforting feeling.
This is going into my 'biggest fear'. ~Shudder~
Wouldn't burning release many millions of spiders all at once out of the tree‽ If I were a spider I wouldn't be waiting in a tree that's burning, they were intelligent enought to evade floods after all. I say, that are fine where they are, just lets all move away...
because when flood came all go the top of the trees and made there web it is the beauty of GOD creation they protect people from mosquitoes and other dangerous flies :)
Surely flies were one of the least of people's worries when widespread flooding occured...
لا إله إلّا الله
i would stay as far away from those trees as i could i hate spiders!! O.O
looks evil!
evil tell u!
but awesome too
Amazing, it looks like sugar cotton!
If I saw that, I would run away screaming. I hate spiders.
I bet those trees hosts millions of little spiders!
Uhm ew. I'm freaked out..
tax the spiders they are destroying the environment by decreasing the fly population
These spider webs are blessings in disguise as they decreased the Malaria in these villages as well as some other insects related diseases.
Although it seems caterpillars are more likely than spiders to have caused this mayhem
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