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A number so epic it will collapse your brain into a black hole! But this video could help you understand it.
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Awesome explanation! simple and clear... It remind me of #douglasadams for some reason...
+Dan Lee - is the second guy in this video the one we saw at the mathematical comedy at Imperial?
"There are still an infinite amount of numbers larger than Graham's number, so even though we've only narrowed it down to somewhere between 11 and Graham's, we've pretty much nailed it." - Shit Mathematicians Say
I love Graham's number, and the fact that it requires its own notation to adequately express.
i find your lack of faith disturbing
So why is the maximum number of people Graham's number?
Interesting. why is g64 though where did that come from?
The video is so convincing that if we were to think of the number we would collapse and form a black hole.
I've watched many of these and most of the time they explain nothing without raising more questions. All I get from this is, these guys like numbers.
this is confusing....
my brain formed into a black hole.
Let's see if we can get Graham's number +1's on this.
+Nathaniel Stark In the video, they mention that he was actually trying to work a problem having to do with coloring connecting edge lines in multidimensional objects (or something like that). The video makers were using people as nodes to simplify the problem for the unwashed mathematical masses.
At 2:24 one guy said 3^^3 = 3^27 = 7.6 trillion. At 7:37 you can see the other guy said 3^^3 = 3^27 = 7.6 billion. 7.6 billion is the correct answer. I know it's not much, but I find it funny that mathematicians are making a video about large numbers and an error like that is made.

I love numbers.
Wow I think I can feel my brain melting a little.
Gram's number is just a way to tell yourself and other people where you are on the infinity spiraling loop. Gram's number= "Not that brilliant"; but arrow notation on the other hand is. Math so simple when you think about it you become a black hole a Gram # of times before you realize your done thinking about it. Duh..
im confused is it because im blonde?
That's incredible. Thanks for sharing.
why? to what ends? 7,625,597,485,005? x 7,625,597,485,005 x 7,625,597,485,005 =4,434,264,882 x10 to the power of 38 so what the bigest number is pi
Now that's men's room graffiti that Einstein could get with
Arrow notation = A means to fill a big box.. um.. I mean cube full of trash. Yay! we now have a way to talk about how much space is in this and many more consciences! Now maybe me and Krishna wont be so lonely on the non-planes of existence. I am getting bored with him. Same thing happened when I chilled with Buddha and that Mexican guy.. DJ Gee-Seuss. Wizards are kinda boring;
The biggest number I know is google. Is this bigger than google?
pi isn't a large number, it's just an infinitely long number.
Big and long it should be cleared up are obviously different. Long is the number of digits, big is the total value....
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Let me get this straight. Start with a number. Use function on number until you equal next highest function. e.g 3+3+3 = 3 *3. 3*3*3 = 3^3. 3^^^3 = G. 3^{G}^3 = G2. 3^{G2}^3 = G3. >>>>>> 3^{G64}^3 = Graham's Number. Does G = Graham's Number?
Mmy head is stuffed in and out. 
After watching it twice makes me want to work the math. Though trying to fathom the time it would take to write out said numbers, blows my mind away.
it all makes so much sense! some one that finally understands me!!!
I get the basic idea... but I'll be Graham'd if I try to explain it. (Sorry, I know that was bad, but I wanted to keep Jason's joke going).... actually I just wanted to say thanks for sharing... HyperCubes R cool!
3 is the magic number - De La Soul - Not sure about this other business, but I do so love the crackers.
M. Quan
Awsome j aime les maths
I never thought my number would be so epic... Good to know!
as soon as he said 7.6 trillion, my head hurt.
+Andrew Levine well because its all multiplications of the number 3, essentially. And since you know certain things about the numbers as you progress from g1 to g2, g2 to g3 and so on end end up with g64, they figured out that it must be a 7 at the end. I guess that's pretty much what there will be anyone will ever know about that number ;-)
And isn't the US national debt now 7.6 trillion? Spooky.... End times man, end times :)
Awesome! That's the thing I want to read/view on Google+!
Unfortunately lately Google+ became more and more infested with useless Facebookers sharing stupid "one sentence life lessons"...
Awesome... I thought, I never gonna make it at the end of the video :). Glad make it...
Next time I need to pick a number between 0 and infinity I pick Grahams number²
3!!!!3!!3!3!!!!!!3!!#3!!!3.3!!3!3|tray this.
I like it but
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Numbers can be fun. At first, I thought googol wasn't that big, but analyzing it carefully, wow, WAY too big
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