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How big is this aquarium? Check out the second largest aquaria in the world in Okinawa, Japan!
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I think the one in Atlanta is bigger...and equally awesome.
this video is not available in your country...
Saw a documentary about the aquarium in Okinawa on Discovery or Nat Geo, can't remember which channel.
that was beautiful and so relaxing thank you hugs
Reminds me of an old screensaver -- but this one has far more fish.
Who cares if you think it sucks? Aquariums are the shit!!! Go to the one in Vallejo, CA at Marine World. Mutha Fookin' conveyor belt takes you through the water, lets the sharks swim all around you. Badassery.
Shut your dicksucker Robert, no one cares about the conveyor belt that transports you to your boyfriends asshole.
LMAO. Shit talking on the Internet. A past time worthy of the gods. And Karina? You obviously didn't read the post. No insults were thrown, I didn't say anything mean. I agree it's cool. Just mentioned another one that's pretty cool. Grow up. :|
that is amazing! I have always wanted to see whale sharks when diving...
i did not get how big it was
very nice................................................
Jon Hs
dang! Whale sharks in a tank!? I need to go see this.
OMG! that is so f*cking awesome!!!!
Wow, that is out of this world, it is incredible to see that. Some of them are massive!
I would love to replace them with small drones that follow animals in their natural habitat, a sort of webcam zoo. . .
that is sooooooooooooooooooooo huge!! i feel bad for the scuba diver ;-}
Feel bad for the janitor, cleaning everyday, only to have little kids barf in excitement
most beutiful thing ive ever seen in my entire life
Ivan W. you sound very young and as though you are simply drinking the PETA kool-aid without doing some thinking for yourself. Without many of those places where "animals are in cages" the selfish people who care for these other animals and want to see them continue to exist would have no way to save injured and sick animals nor to learn more about how to better protect and care for these animals. They are not just simply zoos and aquariums, but usually run by institutions where information can be exchanged and knowledge expanded. We have learned so much about the wonderful creatures we share this world with because of such places and because people are allowed to see these marvelous animals in person, many gain a deeper respect for the animal kingdom. It's much harder to look "someone" in the eye, watch them interact with their young, and observe their intelligence and still want to see it end up on your dinner plate or esp. as a head hanging on a wall!
I was in Okinawa 3 years ago on my way to Taketomi and Iriomote. I never knew about that aquarium back then, I wish I did and taken the time to visit it :(
It is a shame that we, humans, had confined FREE animals in this stupid small enclosed pool.
Yeah but it also helps sensibilise people about the beauty and fragility of our oceans. Also 70% of the fish in this aquarium were actually born in captivity and not taken from the wild and this number keeps increasing. Not that they shouldn't be free but at least they live in decent conditions without predators :p
I couldn't find the info for this one but you might regain faith in humanity learning that the Georgia aquarium is a not-for-profit organisation.
Yes, they are beautiful and amazing, however, to quote Jacques Yves Cousteau ~ "No aquarium, no tank in a marine land, however spacious it may be, can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea." +Ivan Wiegand, your thinking and beliefs are very good, in my opinion. Captivity is wrong. This aquarium in Okinawa is indeed a FOR-profit facility that makes money from the capture and enslavement of marine life. I hear much argument all the time about these types of facilities serving educational purposes. The truth is, we learn far more about marine life by studying them in their natural habitat and there are many marine scientists doing amazing studies. You do not truly learn accurate information about a species by ripping it out of it's own environment.
It's beautiful.
But are they still that amazing and numerous in the real ocean.
Please keep them also there where they are at home.
Weeee. Everyone turned into couch activists.
Everyone is in awe of this aquarium so I think it's doing its job marvelously. The good far outweighs the bad in this case. Give it a break and if you want to make a difference why don't you turn your computer off.
Beautiful, truly beautiful. People are moved by such scenes as this therefore a greater good is inspired. Yes of course they are better left in the oceans, but without this aquatic marketing (just made myself laugh with that comment) their fight for survival is weakened.
Excuse me, Mr. +Glenn THOMAS-ABERSON, what do I know? I'm only a marine biologist and oceanographer. I have also been to Taiji and took time away from my career, children, family and friends to advocate for marine life so I would hardly call myself a couch activist. If you believe that the good far outweighs the bad because humans are in awe of this aquarium, I would have to ask you, just who's good are you speaking of? Perhaps it's not the best idea to judge others whom you know nothing about because as it turns out, your comment and assumptions are quite false. As far as turning the computer off goes, are you not also on the computer, sir? Just like you, I will chose when I turn it off. Make a difference? I certainly try to about things I am able to and am passionate about. Do you? Or do you sit on your computer and try to find fault in others who do? :) Have a great day!
+Tracy G Your knowledge and experience far outweighs anything I have (and probably ever will) but that is the whole point. Most people will never have the time, passion or capability to rise to such heights as the ones you have reach, but they can be moved to be supportive of the environment by such things. My life has taken a different route to yours but I still remember visiting aquariums as a child and I believe that played a small part in making me considerate of nature and the environment.

Of course it runs for profit, so is the platform we are talking on, but it still allows us to learn and benefit from such discussions as this
+David Kings, any arguments that captivity serves an education or scientific purpose are not only woefully out-dated but hold no validity whatsoever. Nothing can be gained from studying these animals in captivity when their behavior, communication ability, diet and even physiology is altered by the very state of being in captivity. Also, in this day and age we have a plethora of alternatives for educating the public on the importance of these amazing animals and ocean conservation. Marine life does not fare well in captivity due to a variety of reasons and dramatically reduces the lifespan of these animals. When you take free ranging, and in the case of cetaceans, self aware and highly social animals and place them in the isolation and confinement that captivity provides it is against their best welfare. Cetaceans have a very wide range, swimming hundreds of miles a day and diving to depths much deeper than captivity can provide. Their lifespans are around 60-75 years in their own environment in contrast to an average of 15 years in captivity. That is not including the fact that over half die within the first 90 days of capture and captivity or the fact that the marine park industry is also the leading force behind the mass slaughter of other marine life that is not chosen to become captive for human entertainment. I'm sorry, you are of course entitled to your opinion, however, if this is the "consideration" that people visiting an aquarium affords marine life then I am highly against it. :(
Who said anything about studying them ?
I saw "The cove" too and it's pretty shocking, but that's for another debate and it's not the doing of aquarium owners.
+Tracy G At what point did I say anything about education or scientific purpose? I said about making me considerate of nature and the environment and marketing a environment cause.

If you think sitting people down in front of a computer,TV or lecturer is anywhere close to standing in front of an object such as this and being awe-inspired then I'm afraid you and the amazing creatures you are obviously (and rightly so) are passionate about, then you are going to have to wait a very long time to change the world for the better.

I bow down to your knowledge about the well fair of these animals and I wish that it didn't have to happen and that we could all go and see them in their natural environment but that is unrealistic.
+Glenn THOMAS-ABERSON, I am very happy to hear that you watched The Cove. Are you aware that Mr. O'Barry's main plight is against captivity? It is a HUGE misconception that aquarium owners are not responsible for the mass slaughter of cetaceans. The practice is motivated almost entirely by the captive-dolphin industry. The cetaceans not selected for aquariums are herded into an isolated cove and cruelly butchered, their meat sold in the Japanese whale meat market. The value of dolphin meat is low, but the price of a dolphin chosen for the aquariums can be as much as $150,000. That is where the money is at. New aquariums and captive swim with the dolphins programs are being established around the globe at an alarming rate. In our desire to be close to these mammals, we are in fact, killing them.
+David Kings , What most people don't know is that the Marine Mammal Protection Act requires captive displays to be educational in order to keep these animals on display, and yet marine parks all over the world continue to display them without even having met this criterion. I'm sorry if I misinterpreted your comment but when you spoke of aquariums serving the purpose of making people more considerate of nature and the environment, this is what we consider public education to be. I would ask simply, with most people having awareness that many marine creatures possess higher intelligence and self awareness, what gives us the right as humans to take them from their environment and families and decrease their quality of life? Just because we are humans? Does that mean all other living things were put on earth to be owned and controlled by us? Imagine for a moment, if someone were to come into your home in the middle of the night, kidnap you, then force you to live on a 6 foot leash in a 4 foot tall room for the rest of your life. Keeping marine life captive for our viewing pleasure and entertainment is harming them, not helping them. They gain no benefit from this. Quite the opposite. I understand that not everyone will have the ability to have the experience of viewing them in their own habitat but that is indeed an option. There are rescue teams and marine centers that have the goal of returning them to their own habitat after rehabilitation, however, there are sometimes cases where that can not be done because they would not survive. It's another possibility to view them in these types of facilities as well. I'm just unsure how you feel that visiting an aquarium full of captive marine life stolen from their own environment is giving them any benefit of human consideration.
+Tracy G Education is not equal to inspiration. In fact if you can manage to inspire people the education can often happen by itself. I look at things like this and go WOW that's amazing and it inspires me to learn more, but it does not educate me, that goes after the wow. Then the benefit comes.

Most humans are lazy, but can achieve greatness if inspired and unfortunately that often requires a kick start. I'm not saying this is right (which its not) but it is honest. Is it bad that this is done at the cost of others, yes of course it is, but again unfortunately that's humans for you but hopefully "Out of the ashes...."

If the act requires these establishments to do more and they are not, then they should be shut down.

In essence I agree with you, but reality can be a right bitch ;-)
+David Kings I will agree with you, reality indeed bites at times! We can agree to disagree on some points. In short, I believe that being honest about the situation would be people just admitting, I think this aquarium is cool because I like looking at it instead of condoning it under the guise that it is beneficial in some way to marine life. I'm not really sure what inspiration or consideration aquariums of this type provide marine life beyond people viewing it and saying, "This is cool. Look at the pretty fishy" then going home. It is possible that a few individuals might become inspired to learn more about marine life but sadly, if they do become educated on the subject they would learn how detrimental these establishments are to marine life and hope that others would not promote it by purchasing tickets to such aquariums.

Please know I have no hard feelings toward you regarding the debate of this subject. Debate is simply another way to obtain knowledge and hear another's perspectives on an issue. My original intent was to make a brief comment and provide a bit of fact that I felt motivated to make due to a gentleman making a comment against captivity and others turning it into a personal attack questioning his age (maturity) and accusing him of not having the capability to think for himself. To his credit, he stated his opinion and did not stoop to the level of making a debate a personal attack against those individuals. After making a brief comment a comment was then made about being a "couch activist" and if one wanted to make a difference then they should turn their computer off so I felt obligated to let the gentleman know his assumptions of other's knowledge on the subject and just want they do indeed do in attempt to make a difference were incorrect. Of course, we are not all going to have the same opinion on every subject, however, there is no need to turn it into a personal attack because someone's opinions differ from yours. I am always open to learning from people more knowledgeable about a subject than myself and also open to learning how others feel about any given issue. Good day to all! :)
+Ivan Wiegand, you make me smile in the knowledge there are people like yourself who have concern for the well being of other living creatures and the environment. I hope you stay just as you are because who you are ROCKS! :)
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