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Google Science Fair hung out with 3 people. #hangoutsonairSamantha Peter, Shree Bose, and Albert Lin
Google Science Fair Finalist Announcement
Google Science Fair and 3 others participated
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Congratulations to the 90 regional finalists and to the 15 finalists who will be coming to Mountain View California for the finals. We can't wait to meet you!
Congratulations everybody! I can't wait to meet you all. 
idk.. sorry it worked only afta they said da names
sum 1 hu did abt farmin stuff won..
dats wats goin on now
I see this video twice but they both don't work
me.. no i dropped of cuz lack of tym... :P
most probably nxt year i will do..
refresh many tyms... it works..
tuff names..
tell me ur age groups nd country..
QUESTION: how do you enter and how come a science genius like me has not skipped a grade and yet is still in 6th??? F=MxA was Newton and i bet he had no school!
yea well im going into 7th but i am like 10th in math and science :S
well i am better but my slow school system holds me back! i feel like Stephan Hawking when he went to school!!!
as with myn but from the handbook "In order to be advance smarts does not matter but effort and grades" WTF im smarter than everybody yet im not in 1 advance class!
yup and were so underfunded we dont have a chess club or math or even science! SUCKS
yes your lucky by doing this science fair i can maybe be noticed and skip  grade + advance in science 
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